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Born and raised in a small town outside of Houston, I spent most of my childhood loving baseball. Although I was never really gifted enough to play the sport, I knew the mechanics, the strategy, the players, the stats and the history of it all. I spent countless hours watching games, keeping score, playing pick-up games, and reading the backs of countless baseball cards. I never really idolized just one specific player growing up, but more broadly loved how each was talented in their own ways. From my home town hero Nolan Ryan's flaming fastball, the slick fielding of Ozzie Smith, and the combined leadership of Trammel and Whitaker, these guys made me the fan I am today, recognizing that each brings their own flare to this great american pastime we call baseball.

Having lived in Houston now most my life, I have ridden the highs and lows with the Houston Astros, and though most times they fall short of the glory of a World Series appearance, they make the seasons interesting. Its definitely not easy being a Stros fan, but I can defintely think of worse fates.

I've never written much about anything, except a blog or two, and of course all the technical documentation I write for work. Hopefully most of what I write here will make more sense than sound like mindless dribble. Most importantly, hopefully it'll sound more like just one fan's thoughts being read and appreciated by another fan.

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  • Bill Mckillop posted 3019 days ago

    Bill Mckillop


    Would love to hear your thoughts on a international MLB Draft.

  • D.A. posted 3024 days ago


    Hey Glenn,

    What are your thoughts on Jeff Bagwell? Is he HoF-worthy when the time comes?


  • D.A. posted 3038 days ago


    Hey Glen,

    Wandy Rodriguez he just injected himself into the NL Cy race but owning Josh Johnson:

    Thanks in advance,