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Chaiah Jacobson

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I learned about statistics via baseball - when I was about 4 years old. Yeah, one of "those." It came in handy later on in life.... I taught my autistic daughter about mathematics, physics, geometry, biology, anatomy and physiology, botany, history, etc,,, using baseball. No matter where I've resided, the Red Sox have always been a part of my life. My Philies phan husband can tell you who plays for the Red Sox - but I don't think he can name any more than 2 players on the Phillies and the Charlie Manuel. ; ) My dog's name is Fenway. I also have three cats all named after Red Sox players: Petey, Pesky, and Moe. Our Triton Cockatoo is named Jackie (Jackie Robinson)... I have over 30K baseball cards and my own room stashed with memorabilia - some purchased and some acquired the honest way. My two most memorable moment when I was there - Opening Day 2005 and Game 6 ALCS when JD Drew hit that GS.

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