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  • BabyTate posted 2089 days ago


    Ian, what do you think of being ranked the #5 writer on the Duke Blue Devil section of B/R?

  • BabyTate posted 2090 days ago


    You did exactly what you needed to do. You have a title that offends no one. You proceeded to give your argument from your belief and it is well constructed and appreciated it. Your current title will attrack the Duke readers not, repel them. And then you can get your point across to that audience.

    You are imaginative and will be a well respected writer in the Bleacher Report if you'll do two things that people don't think about. No profanity and no coarse language allows your article to be read by every system that's out there. You go through every edit program there is and get those reads from Amish to Humanists. And no antagonizing. You realize that a headline can be created without profanity that could cause offense. Suppose you supported Kansas State but someone wrote a headline that said " IQ Tests Reveal Fans Of K-State Are Dumber Than Kansas fans. Investigation reveals reason is Ancestors Committed Beastiality On The Farm." Now, that doesn't use profanity or coarse language but it is sure to get a specific group hostile at you and serves no purpose other than to agitate and irritate. No one is going to read such an article from a K-St perspective, they'll just holler that the article should be deleted.

    Your article, outside of the orginial headline, is an outstanding piece of work. Don't stay away from controversy, I like to see the pot stirred. English language is big enough to handle all of our thoughts without offending anyone.

    You keep up the good work and stay in touch.

  • BabyTate posted 2091 days ago


    Well done, Ian. A far superior hook to interest readers. Very well done. I appreciate your professionalism in the matter.

  • BabyTate posted 2092 days ago


    Ian, please refer to guidelines regarding inappropriate lnaguage.

    Baby Tate