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  • Trenise Ferreira posted 1163 days ago

    Trenise Ferreira

    Hey J,

    I did have to step away from B/R at this time. I have a busy year on the horizon, with grad school thesis work and some other projects. But I anticipate being back covering USC football soon, tho for another outlet/medium. Thanks for all of your support!

  • Rick McMahan posted 1552 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Yeah, it appears that USC is going the way of the SEC when it comes to scheduling cupcakes. :( Arkansas State was a rising program when Malzahn was there...

  • Rick McMahan posted 1572 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thanks for the Golden Nugget link bro! I will make this a subject of an upcoming article! :)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1676 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thanks for the heads up on Ekeler bro. I like this guy and he is a helluva recruiter too...

  • Rick McMahan posted 1715 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thanks again for catching should be an editor....:)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1731 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thanks for catching that buddy. I fixed it...happy new year!

  • Rick McMahan posted 1756 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Thanks for the message bro. I am publishing a slide show tomorrow that deals with who might take the last two slots in this class...:)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1782 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    That sounds good my friend! Give me a call when you get into town. My number is (661) 210-6520. :)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1783 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Hi J, thanks for the comment on the article. I haven't mentioned this but for the last four months I have been undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukemia. I am doing well but sometimes the treatments take a lot our of me and that is why I haven't written too much recently. Take care my friend... :)

  • Rick McMahan posted 1957 days ago

    Rick McMahan

    Yeah, there does seem like a lot going on this year. I think Vehikite was dropped before spring...