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I found this on Facebook and had some fun with it. Enjoy!

The following are 25 truthful statements...about someone other than myself.

1. My friends make fun of me because I only have one nipple, but I have three testicles.

2. I am related to Emilio Estevez, but not Charlie Sheen.

3. I enjoy collecting old parking tickets. Quite the expensive hobby.

4. My urine smells like Skittles!!! It still tastes like urine though...

5. I once wrestled a bear, only to find it was a hallucination.

6. I once turned down the lead role on TV's "CSI: NY" and still stand by that decision.

7. I was the backup shortstop for Cal Ripken Jr. for eleven seasons. Not one at bat. Lots of tail though...

8. My perspiration glows, like in those Gatorade commercials. Not especially handy in bed...or a white tee shirt...or ever.

9. I offered career advice to sports heroes Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Pete Rose, and Muhammad Ali. Not all of them accepted my advice.

10. The song "Jesus is Alright With Me" is alright with me. I also enjoy the song "Thank God I'm A Country Boy."

11. My favorite food is fried Snickers.

12. I questioned my sexuality after my childhood sweetheart got a sex change.

13. The first person to see me naked covered me in a reddish goo, held me in the air by both feet, and slapped my ass in front of everybody in the room. Twenty-five years later, I still question his motives.

14. I became a member of the local firefighters' Wall of Shame after a catering buffet line caused a small fire in my bedroom.

15. "Michael" starring John Travolta is the greatest movie of all-time.

16. I've been telling everybody this rash is a birthmark, but am now officially becoming concerned...

17. My favorite form of recreation is mall power-walking.

18. After a botched mechanical erectile enhancement, the sound of an electric toothbrush arouses me.

19. I lost my virginity at a d.c. Talks concert.

20. The movie "Set It Off" is loosely based on my life.

21. Whenever I find myself in one of life's pickles, I simply ask myself, "What would Bret Michaels do?"

22. My favorite animal is the human being.

23. "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" deserves multiple Academy Awards.

24. I enjoy the sanity of Rod Blagojevich's political and overall moral views. I also enjoy the sanity that washes over me after a good strong huff of glue. Industrial strength, not that Elmer's crap.

25. It took me until the end credits of the movie "The Pianist" to realize that I was not watching "Shine."

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    Lewie Pollis

    Hey Tim,

    PTBNL is Player to be Named Later. Sorry, I thought I had defined it earlier in the article. Thanks for catching that.

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