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I'm a lifelong sports fan, travel addict, and naturalized Bostonian with a weakness for European soccer. I delved into journalism in 2008, went to my first major tournament in 2012 (the Euro), and now am working as a freelance columnist and Per Mertesacker impersonator.

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  • J T posted 2 days ago

    J T

    Dear Clark,

    Many a reporter have taken to calling the respective team of a country by its native name (Selecao; L’ equipe, etc.) in their reporting. More and more articles refer to the German side as Die Mannschaft. Nobody in Germany calls the national team “die Mannschaft”. It’s either Nationalelf or Nationalmannschaft. In your July 8, 2014 piece “Germany Justify Joachim Low's Decision-Making in Stunning Win Over Brazil” you don’t use die Mannschaft but rather the other to Nationalelf and Nationalmannschaft. Thanks for getting it right and for not being as pathetic as many of your colleagues who want to show some local expertise but just have it wrong.
    I enjoy your writing!

  • Nour Sedki posted 38 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    'I'm a lifelong sports fan, travel addict, a Ronaldo HATER and naturalized Bostonian with a weakness for European soccer.' Come on Clark, your bio needs some editing.

  • Nick Sinclair posted 38 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hey Clark, in light of recent injuries and the draw against Cameroon, what do you think Germany's best lineup for the World Cup is? (and formation) Also no more tiki taka please, I feel Loew is letting Pep influence him

  • Harshit Vatsyayan posted 41 days ago

    Harshit  Vatsyayan

    Hi, Clark. I have been reading quite a lot of your articles lately and I loved it especially the one about Bayern poaching talent. Keep up the good work!!

  • Mia San Mia posted 61 days ago

    Mia San Mia

    What are the chances of getting an article on the impact of Kiessling's phantom goal? I feel terrible for the Wolves missing out on CL footy because of it. I'm surprised more hasn't been made of the situation.

  • David Juarez posted 70 days ago

    David Juarez

    Great articles and posts. Love your coverage of bundesliga, Germany and others. You are one of my favorite writers since I almost always agree with your opinion. Keep up the good articles man.

  • Bastian Schweinsteiger posted 72 days ago

    Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Your my favorite Bleacher Report writer ;D

  • Nick Sinclair posted 86 days ago

    Nick Sinclair

    Hey Clark, really enjoy your Bundesliga coverage. Haven't had the chance to catch Dortmund's recent games, just wondering have they changed formation? On the apps I use to check the score, I've seen the lineup as 4-1-4-1 and 4-1-3-2. I know Reus has been playing centrally but is it still 4-2-3-1 or has Klopp changed the system? Secondly, what are your thoughts on Adrian Ramos to bvb, is it enough or do we need someone else, Lukaku, Martinez, etc. Any ideas?

  • Robbie Dunne posted 115 days ago

    Robbie Dunne

    Just got accepted to the write program man! I will be contributing to the Bundesliga! I already follow you on twitter. I am @bobdonadini. Hope to get chatting to you man! I enjoy your work

  • Norman posted 154 days ago


    Hey Clark. I'm one of those who gave you crap for your "Ballon d'or...Wrong message" piece. In hindsight, my reasoning couldn't have been more erroneous. Your article was on point and so are many other articles you've written. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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