Im the new guy

Im the new guy


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  • Yossi Gold posted 1844 days ago

    Yossi Gold


    I wasn't talking about you specifically, but I can see how it sounded that way ... It was more a general statement, I'm pretty sure you're very knowledgeable even if our opinions may vary

  • Andrew Saunders posted 1845 days ago

    Andrew Saunders

    What do you mean by "monitor your comments"?

    You want to keep track of comments that you have made? Or you're looking for comments that I've made?

    If my comment is in direct response to something that you've said, you should get an email alerting you that someone has responded. If you want to see any comments that I've made, scroll to the bottom of the page, open all of the comments and then search for my name using Ctrl + F.

    Hope it helps and thanks for the kind words!