Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson


I'm an ol' school martial artist, past full contact fighter at 205, never a black, belt but trained in Boxing, Ju-jitsu Muay Thai, Judo, Kali, Pencak and weapons training. I trained with Gorge Gurgel, Rich Franklin's school back in the day when the dojo was in Middletown and not the succesful mma academy in Cincinnati at the time. The school was about 1500 sq.ft., no cage or ring, just mats, heavy bags and hand painted logo's on the wall. The young fighters were hungry and growth of the UFC was exciting and we were in the middle of this new mind blowing adventure! When George and Rich were involved with TUF it was a great day for the Academy and it's growth.
I'm a Chiropractic Physicain/Acupuncturist by trade and treated several of the fighters in those days, I been around MMA before it was branded MMA, other names like NHB and full contact fighter were the descriptors. I just recently decide to try my hand at writing about mma since I'm retired from the martial arts. I have written about many health topics over the years, so here's to giving it a whirl writing about my favorite sport!


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