John  Gray

John Gray


Red Sox Fan since 1975. Was a big Yaz fan as a kid.
Cried twice in my life when the Sox lost in 1975 & 1978.

Feel liberated for life with the 2004 WS championship.
2007 was an added bonus.
Just wish the teams in the 1970's and 80's could have enjoyed a championship too.

Dale Murphy deserves to be in the Hall-of-Fame over these damn slappy hitters like Carew, Brett, Molitor, Yount and Ozzie Smith. 398 HRs, two MVPs, and carried a national TV station (TBS).

Dwight Evans also deserved some Hall-Of Fame love. Tied for most Gold Gloves as an outfielder plus over 380 home runs.

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  • Griffin Cooper posted 3164 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey John,

    There was a touching moment in the Mariners game last night, made possible by the best pitcher I've ever gotten to watch - Randy Johnson. Watching history unfold inspired to me take a look at his incredible career and count down his five best moments, in my eyes. If you get a chance, take a look at it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


  • Hao Meng posted 3231 days ago

    Hao Meng

    Hey John,

    I had an awful day today, so I took it out on MLB. Here's my first humor piece on "the worst case scenarios for all 30 teams." If you get the chance, I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think.

    As always, thanks for the support, and I hope you enjoy the read/makes your day better!

  • Mike Kent posted 3233 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    This is a article saying thanks to you, and to the rest of BR

  • Pete McKeown posted 3234 days ago

    Pete McKeown

    John, I finally wrote an article though! Nothing like a trip to spring training to get you excited about the baseball season, not to mention cure some writer's block. If you get a chance, give this a read, if not, no worries.

  • E A posted 3251 days ago

    E A

    Hey John,

    with a busy off season for the Yankees and Red Sox alike, you may find yourself wondering what acquisition was the most important. Here's the answer to that question.

  • Don Spieles posted 3278 days ago

    Don Spieles

    Greetings, Mr. Gray,

    I liked your article on Varitek.

    Go SOX!

  • Mark Brown posted 3312 days ago

    Mark Brown

    Good work, just changed a few minor things. Hopefully Oden turns out okay.

    For some reason, I can't submit feedback on your article. So I posted it here.

  • Glenn Card posted 3317 days ago

    Glenn Card

    On the chance that the Pats don't make it.

  • Brad James posted 3345 days ago

    Brad James


    If you have time, please read my article on another up and coming NFL signal-caller in Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Thanks.

  • josh millar posted 3458 days ago

    josh millar

    i like how you think john lol
    im 21 and was born with cerebral palsy confined to a wheelchair. never been able to play sports a day in my life. that said i love sports and i think i can debate with the best of them.
    hope to become a sports caster
    thanks for your interst john