I'm a passionate Boston Celtics Fan and I'll be as unbiased and as realistic of a fan as much as I can. I love Rajon Rondo as much as any Celtic Fan around the globe but I'll be honest, overall either CP3 (Shooting) or Rose(explosiveness) if Healthy are better than him. In terms of playing with heart and superb performances in the Post Season, I'd take rondo any day. He tends to increase his level of play by a notch during play offs, when it matters the most. Haters may not see it because they are blinded by abhorrence.

This is the first year rondo will officially lead this half old half young Boston Squad through the 2012-2013 season. It is now more vivid that this is Rondo's Team. I still look forward for rondo's improved shooting and scoring now that ray allen joined the Dark side. I Hate the Miami Heat more than any team but respect them at the same time because Lebron James is the best player in the planet since the days of his Airness I respect the organization overall and how Pat Riley created a contender but certainly not the bandwagon, trolls and trashtalking fans. I also Hate the Lakers because they beat the crap out of my Team in 2010 and it ripped my heart out. But I can't deny Kobe's greatness as a player, Though I see him as the closest to MJ in terms of playing style, Lebron is still better overall.

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    Celtics suck