Intern for Bleacher Report writing about college football. Voter in B/R Top 25 poll. Proud Virginia Tech fan.

My Top 25 - Final

1) Alabama
2) LSU
3) Oklahoma State
4) Stanford
5) Arkansas
6) USC
7) Oregon
8) Wisconsin
9) Boise State
10) South Carolina
11) Michigan State
12) Kansas State
13) Georgia
14) Oklahoma
15) Southern Miss
16) Clemson
17) Virginia Tech
18) Michigan
19) Houston
20) Baylor
21) TCU
22) West Virginia
23) Penn State
24) Nebraska
25) Florida State

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  • Bryan Dunbar posted 2198 days ago

    Bryan Dunbar

    Wow your article on Baylor was horrendous and Oklahoma at number 14 and Baylor at number 20 on your final poll makes no sense Baylor beat Oklahoma you did know that right? I know the Big 12 backwards and forwards(exactly how you know the ACC) . Maybe you should do BR a favor and stick with what your good at and not spew out unintelligent articles about subjects you have not researched at all. Baylor is not going anywhere they are turning into the 3rd ranked Texas program recruiting wise. Art Briles is not going anywhere by the way and Terrance Ganaway is going to be replaced by Lance Seastrunk 5 star recruit and Jarrod Salubi(5 carries 102 yards in the Alamo Bowl).Also Nick Florence is a second year starter at BU, he's no RG3 but he is completly capable of running there offense effectively. There defense is run by Phil Bennett( you do know who that is right?) . With all of there secondary coming back I think its safe to say they will be the surprise of the Big 12 next season. And with Nance sliding into the rotation with 3 above average upperclassman in there linebacking corp. This could be the first time since the early 90's that Baylor's defense is in the top 30. But what do I know about the Big 12( i just predicted that RG3 would win the Heisman , and that Baylor would win 9 games. Ok State would win the Big 12 , and that Texas A&M and Oklahoma were overrated.) Its not like any of those preseason predictions came true.

  • Jeff Roberts posted 2200 days ago

    Jeff Roberts

    Johnathan, The last message was not meant for you but another "contibutor" on B/R who actually tried to insult me on his article after I commented. However to respond to your rebuttal; calling me a moron and thinking it's "official" because you're a "paid" writer simply makes you look like the moron and I would be more than happy to come out from behind the "wall of the internet" so we could meet in person. Once again, I apologize for messaging the wrong "writer" but you should be careful about calling someone a "moron" and saying their viewpoint is "idiotic" because you may have to tell them to their face and I can assure you I would say the same thing to your face that I've said anywhere on here!

  • Jeff Roberts posted 2200 days ago

    Jeff Roberts

    When you grow up and realize that you won't always be able to delete comments that hit you between the eyes then you may have a chance at becoming a real writer / man. Until then you should thank the gods that you can spew crap from a computer without having to face the consequences because you can hit "delete" when you've been cyber whipped!

  • Tommy Graham posted 2212 days ago

    Tommy Graham

    I have to disagree. The QB position at LSU has never had a QB coach like Kragthorpe. Also LSU gives Kiel the best chance to suceed because he will be surrounded by tons of talent, plus a short field to work with most of the time due to a Great defense and special teams play. He also has the best running backs in the sec (as a group) that will take the pressure off of him and allow him to throw on running downs to the best trio of receivers in the nation. You may want to reconsider your position on this. I could go on and on and on. However, we will just have to wait and see. Make sure you write me back when you realize what I stated comes true.
    Tommy G

  • Robert Sess posted 2222 days ago

    Robert Sess

    How can I get my son's Hudl link (football highlites) to the coaching staff at Ohio State?

  • Joel Greer posted 2236 days ago

    Joel Greer

    Sorry about my rant. If you plan on being in New Orleans, I'll be glad to buy you a cold one.

  • Thomas Edison posted 2375 days ago

    Thomas Edison

    Despite the 85 scholarship and the limit of 25 signees per class, the numbers are always dependent on attrition. Attrition consists of players leaving the program for one or more reasons to include transferring to other programs, illness, injuries, academic failure, dismissal for breaking rules, and dismissal for being being charged with or convicted of a felony. But, attrition is a moving number and is calculated just prior to the annual scholarship renewal date of July 1st. For example, if 7 players leave the program for whatever reason prior to July 1st, those 7 scholarships can be added to the available pool. Players prepping or grayshirting can be either counted in their original class or moved forward into the next class. Players that are arriving early can be counted toward the class previous to their arrival or toward the class with whom they were recruited. Additionally, as I mentioned previously, scholarships are renewed annually...no player signs a Letter of Intent without being fully aware that scholarships are good for only one year at a time. Final example: Tech receives verbals from 31 players for 2012; 4 arrive early because of attrition and count against the 2011 Class; 2 grayshirt or prep and are counted against 2013; that leaves 25 players who can sign an LOI in February 2012.

  • Dan Smith posted 3035 days ago

    Dan Smith

    Where's your article on how great the ACC and Big East are?