calvin Booth


Born in Cass County Texas to Alberta and Jessie Booth Transitioned to SF Ca at the age of 14. Desired to immulate Jim Brown and Bobby Mitchell. High school teammate of Michael Holgrem, high school opponents of Al Cowlings and OJ Simpson. CCSF Teammate of OJ Simpson, Al Cowlings, Ruby Jackson, Bob Lee,Mike Carter, Willie Wise, Gene Williams, and Dwight Tucker. Top Rushing yardage 196yd;23 rushes; vs Merritt College. Coached High School football, basketball, AAU Basketball(player) with George Johnson, Willie Wise, Phil Smith, Phil Chenier,Charles Johnson, and Gene (Spider)Williams. Recruited by Arizona, Ariz State, Wyoming, Colorado State USF,
and numerous others. AAU/Dallas Summer League coach of Larry Grand Ma-Ma Johnson, Headache
Smith, Kenyon Martin, Batte Brothers and numerous others.

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