Kyle Holland

Kyle Holland


Kyle is a simple man. He currently is studying to be a history teacher. He loves hockey and books about war. He enjoys a nice lit cigar in one hand and a cold brew in the other. After that he enjoys a nice bit of chew. His favorite player of all time is Steve Yzerman and his favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings. Although his favorite team is the Red Wings, he loves the game of hockey and everything about it.

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  • Matt Hutter posted 2646 days ago

    Matt Hutter

    Matt will be on the Knee Jerks Blog Radio show on Monday 7pm EST. Tune in!

  • Steve Thompson posted 2831 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Kyle, keep watching what happens in Quebec and Phoenix. Tampa finally has new ownership, so hopefully they will be a stable franchise at last. Other teams that could move might be Florida, Atlanta, Nashville, and possibly the Islanders if they don't get a new arena. Hamilton should have a team but there are politics involving Toronto and Buffalo which don't want another team in southern Ontario. Winnipeg has painted itself into a corner over the arena problem. If Quebec and Hartford can solve their arena problems, they'll probably be the best bet for a relocated team.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2831 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Kyle. I signed an on-line petition in favor of getting the Whalers back even though I'm from Canada. The petition that you signed for the season tickets would be a good thing to bring to investors' notices. But Quebec City is probably ahead of Hartford right now as far as getting its team back. Like Hartford, someone started a petition and got 80,000 signatures and the mayor also met with Bettman. Quebec has since gone further. First, it has a committed wealthy investor, Quebecor, whom the NHL likes, who wants to front the bid. Second, the mayor said that the city is willing to give $50 million to a projected new NHL size arena. The real sticking point is the arena and how to fund it. The projected cost is $400 million and the mayor wants the senior levels of government to contribute the remaining $350 million, something that will not be popular with rest of Quebec and Canada. They would do better to get as much private funding as possible. So if Hartford really wants to move on, they are going to have solve the investor and arena problem. If the NHL sees a committed, solvent investor (except Jim Balsillie) and a commitment to a shovel in the ground, Hartford could probably get the Whalers back either as an expansion team or if a money-loser like Phoenix gets moved.

  • Will Jefferson posted 2842 days ago

    Will Jefferson

    Well, you were certainly right about Wilson. Despite a big talent deficit, we matched Canada shot for shot, chance for chance, and the game could have gone either way.

  • Jon Neely posted 2938 days ago

    Jon Neely

    Thanks for the... fanship?

    Whatever the word is, thanks man.

  • Mark Jones posted 2969 days ago

    Mark Jones


    My latest NHL power rankings:

    Check it out if you get the time.


  • Jason Stone posted 2984 days ago

    Jason Stone

    In case you haven't noticed, I am not here to write, so I don't give a crap about rankings or reads or fans.

    On the other hand, you are here to write, which means, you should be wanting reads, fans and ultimately a good ranking. YOU HAVE NONE OF THOSE!!!

    My Mom's not a fan, but I am a fan of your Mom, she's quite the piece and loves to gulp my gizzzzzzz....Then again, you probably knew that already, close family I bet...???

  • Jason Stone posted 2985 days ago

    Jason Stone

    Hey Kyle- Look where the guy you were calling out is now...ranked kinda look like a bit of an idiot now, not that you didn't before...On the bright side, you gained a fan since I last stopped by, up to 6, great Whitey!

  • Jason Stone posted 3008 days ago

    Jason Stone

    One time, eh? Like you haven't made many more errors? You look red to me, maybe it's that snow white skin of yours...yeah, that's what we'll call you SNOW...hahaha.

  • Jason Stone posted 3009 days ago

    Jason Stone

    Leave the kid alone. I mean, look at him, clearly he's sexually frustrated, and with his baby-faced "Ginger" looks, he ain't getting laid for a decade. Kyle's work is laughable at times, especially the amount of grammatical and name errors. How can you trust the guys opinion when he can't even copy the spelling of a players name?