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Robert Carver

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I grew up in East Tennessee so my blood runs Big Orange despite living down in Bayou Bengal country. I follow my beloved Vols in football, basketball & Lady Vols Basketball. My Vols have struggled on the gridiron but I hold out hope that they will be competitive in the SEC again soon. Having Pat Summitt step down as head coach due to Alzheimer's was a shock. We will never have another coach like her but I hope she can advice the team for years to come. I first lived in New Orleans in 1980 & for some strange reason I became a Saints fan. I never thought I would live long enough to see the Saints win a playoff game but it finally happened in 2000. Then just when you thought that miracles were over for my Saints they had the magical 2009 season capping it off with a great Super Bowl win over the Colts. I am looking forward to our newly rebuilt Hornets playing some quality basketball. I admit to being disappointed in our reconstituted AFL Voodoo. They reworked the uniforms to look pretty high school like which is puzzling. I wish Benson & the Saints would take them over again because that Voodoo organization was fantastic.

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