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Born in 1981 i started out as any young boy in the 80's baseball was god's gift to america, Football was pretty cool and basketball was next on my list of important things.... but one thing trumped these wonderful sports, Professional Wrestling. i remember watching avidly early on in the age of hulk hogan running wild on wwe(then wwf) I was watching through thick and through thin, the monday night wars, owen hart's death, the eddie guererro tributes, the chris benoit tribute show, the rise of tna, I have been a fan for over 20 years of professional wrestling, and i personally feel its high time the fans get back the same effort they put into making as manyshows that happen a year. my thirst for a good wrestling show is growing with every gimmick thats ressurected for nostalgic value. I am a Smark and I feel like I am at war with promoters. my opinion is venomous. I am not hard to please but I do grade the content i watch with utmost criticism. Welcome to Professional Wrestling As I See It.

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  • Jamie H posted 2955 days ago

    Jamie H


    My entry for the CvC, it's on HBK.

    My first peice btw, please read and comment if you get a chance, thanks in advance.

  • Ricky Bhatia posted 2970 days ago

    Ricky Bhatia

    i am under the influence of Jerichohol. My next article-http://bleacherreport.com/articles/302995-chris-jericho-the-man-who-saves-us-all

  • Smoke And Mirrors posted 2977 days ago

    Smoke And Mirrors

    What is the best way to push a young superstar? By giving a MITB contract, or letting him win a Royal Rumble match?

    Here's my take...


    Any feedback/comments are welcomed.

  • Smoke And Mirrors posted 2979 days ago

    Smoke And Mirrors

    I wrote a new article about Raw's talent's direction (Kofi, Sheamus).. So take a look if you want:


    Any feedback is welcomed

    Hope you enjoy it!

  • Alex Brooks posted 3009 days ago

    Alex Brooks

    The Future of the WWE lies in Kingston's hands

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 3011 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller


    results are in

  • Smoke And Mirrors posted 3012 days ago

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Why BFG changed the landscape of TNA? Here's why:


    Feel free to comment..

  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3016 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    A look at the TNA titles after BFG, and what is in the future!


    Comments/Feedback all welcomed and appreciated!

  • Myles Hubbard posted 3019 days ago

    Myles Hubbard

    Men who earned their respect


  • Hayley-L Graham posted 3026 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    A little tribute to the Golden Age :)


    All feedback/comments welcomed and appreciated!