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Just an Aubarn-hating Bama fan here who also dislikes Tennessee because these jealous, wanna-be "football powers" (LOL!) have relentlessly slandered and pestered us since Paul W. Bryant retired in 1982. During his rather lengthy tenure as coach you couldn't find a barner or volunqueer. You certainly never ran across any arrogant, loud-mouthed ones like you do today. Coach Bryant had them all knowing full well their rightful places as Bama's stepchildren in the college football hierarchy. They were all either as humble as kittens, or were in hiding. Hehe.

And another thing; screw any loser who tries to discount a single one of Bama's claimed championships! I am as old as dirt and have personally witnessed 3 different coaches win 9 of them - NINE - (UPDATE: make that 10 - TEN! Hehe) and at least one that SHOULD have been awarded in 1966. My 90 year old father can remember living through several others. Just because Bama was winning 'em way back when the barn was still a nothing "Polytecnic Institute" doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Now... any person of average intelligence would think all that would be more than enough championships to stifle even the staunchest barner or volunqueer - but NOOOOO - now these shameless whiners have to try and say it never even happened! Well, kiddies, take it from those who were actually alive when these championships you so rudely attempt to discredit were awarded. There was very little doubt about any of them at the time. Not everybody liked it of course. There is and has always been the usual bellyaching from defeated rivals left in the Tide's championship wake, but each title was awarded by whatever authority ruled at the time and eventually everyone was forced to STFU and accept it. Even the few sulking barners that were around in those days finally had to just shut up and learn to love it, just as we Bama fans had to accept the complete fluke of a *championship Aubarn bough....err, "won" in 2010.

SO... barners, volunqueers, and any other slanderizing johnnycomelatelies who wish to question the "officialness" of any of Bama's championships many decades later can now KISS MY BIG OL' BAMA BUTT!!! Maybe one day you too will be able to focus your energy on expressing pride in your team's own accomplishments from atop a soap box founded on multiple championships. Until then, PLEASE stop showcasing your jealousy by constantly trying to discredit a real championship program's accomplishments from atop a creaking, unstable pile of envy and spite.

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