Stone Coggins

Stone Coggins


Having lived in New Jersey, right across the river from New York City, for all my life, I have gravitated to New York sports teams. I'm a big fan of the New York Knicks and follow them pretty religiously, watching every game that I possibly can. I'm also a fan of the New York Yankees and have been for all my life.

Football is the one sport where I veer away from NYC. One day a friend and I were talking about the NFL and I decided to become a fan of the Detroit Lions. It was sort of a snap decision because I like underdog stories, and at that time the Lions were the worst team in the NFL. I've watched them become slowly better before becoming slightly worse again this year.

Don't follow hockey, never have. Felt like trying this year, only to learn that it was on lockout. If I did I would probably follow the Rangers or Islanders.

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  • Jake Barber posted 1771 days ago

    Jake Barber

    Love seeing your input on the NBA articles I've read. You've really got some good things to say. I'd love to go back and forth with you sometime on some hot topics in the game one of these days.

  • Seth Ward posted 1833 days ago

    Seth Ward

    Cowboys aren't winning buddy...

  • Luke Vandeloock posted 1837 days ago

    Luke Vandeloock

    this is awesome XD