Rowdy Riley

Rowdy Riley


Trained in the ways of kung-fu, Riley traveled the world as a peaceful recorder player, wandering from town to town with his goldfish Fluffy. One day he returned from earning coinage on the streets to find his fishy friend lying murdered on the ground. He would later discover the Kodiak Gang, comprised of a bevy of wrestling bears, was responsible for Fluffy's untimely demise, and promptly challenged the bears in a fit of rage. Blinded by his emotions and outnumbered a baker's dozen to one, Riley was soundly defeated and fled the land in shame. His travels led to a life of vice and neglect until he was found by Master Roderick Toombs who taught him the art of wrestling, as well as the ancient secret of channeling one's fury into a single coconut and smashing it into your opponent's head. Bolstered by his new skills, Riley once again wrestled with the Kodiak Gang, this time beating every last one of them. Fluffy's death was avenged and Riley disappeared from the face of the earth, playing his recorder to the setting sun. A spattering of coconut milk was all he left in his wake.

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  • Sports Lover posted 1770 days ago

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  • Drew Smith posted 1792 days ago

    Drew Smith

    have you contacted Michael Bay to do a movie about your bio?

  • Josh Matt posted 1866 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Travis Taylor posted 1870 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    You got it!