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I grew up playing three and four sports at a time, so for me my life was usually school-practice-practice-game-homework-sleep then wake up and do it again. Sometimes it wasn't multiple sports, just multiple teams in the same sport. In my lifetime I have played basketball, soccer, and tennis from a young age up until freshman year of high school. In high school I played football as a starting Linebacker, Kicker, Punter and a third-string Quarterback; and I also wrestled my junior year at the 215 pound weight class (placing 4th in my county and 8th in my region overall) and as a heavyweight my senior year. After graduating, I walked-on to a Division II football team at Bowie State University as a Punter/Kicker and gradually returned to defense as a 5th-string Inside-Linebacker in 2006. Unfortunately I blew out my knee in spring training that year and missed the entire season. During my high school and college sports careers, I also played in pick-up basketball leagues, and coached Boys & Girls Club Football programs for children who were about to enter high school. Ironically, I actually COACHED football longer than I have PLAYED, lol.
I pride myself on understanding what I am talkiing about either from personal experience or from research. I try my best to confirm to the best of my ability that what I am saying is true before I say it, and if I am proven wrong I accept it and try to learn from my mistake. My favorite quote is;
"Once you decide something is 'Absolutely' one way or another, you close your mind to it, and a closed mind doesnt learn."
and this is something I take to heart very seriously.

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