Lakers' Champs! Repeat!

I'm Kevin Sanchez, from Chino, California, I bleed Purple and Gold, Midnight Green, and Dodger Blue. There is nothing better than watching an Andre Either Homerun, or walk off hit, nothing better than watching a Kobe Bryant buzzer beater, or Derek Fisher buzzer beater, nothing better than watching McNabb going deep to Jackson (sadly, those days are over, now he's supposed to be a hated player, but I will always root for him, except for two games in the year) I guess it must be substituted with McNabb going deep to Moss? Better Kolb going deep to Jackson.

Anyways, I'm a huge Lakers/Eagles/Dodgers fan, if you wish to know more about me, just leave a message in the Inbox.

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  • Steve Smith posted 1771 days ago

    Steve Smith


    You're more than welcome to ignore everything I write or comment about if you're tired of it. Okay? Because frankly I couldn't give a rat's ass what you're tired of. I never made any comment to anything you wrote. Go sell crazy somwhere else, we're all stocked up here...lmao


  • Krishna Dhani posted 1794 days ago

    Krishna Dhani

    Here Kevin I will Post ur articles fro you and don't worry i will put the auther which is you on there

  • Spencer Tucksen posted 1796 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude. It would mean a lot of you could check out my two new articles! I just finished them last night. Please and thank you. Feel free to comment and like!



  • Spencer Tucksen posted 1797 days ago

    Spencer Tucksen

    Hey dude, can you check out my latest article for me? Feel free to comment and like! I appreciate it!


  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 1987 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell


  • JW Nix posted 2020 days ago

    JW Nix

    I HAD to get this rant out :


  • O' Johnson posted 2047 days ago

    O' Johnson

    Whatsup man, check this article out.


  • Tyler Lambert posted 2110 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey, my school has just started back so I hadn't found much time to write a new article in awhile. Well, here it is. This article is about Duke Basketball and their 2001 Championship run. Please check it out if you get time! Thanks!


  • Tyler Lambert posted 2117 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    I wrote this article about the controversy caused by using Twitter during games. Please check it out and supply your great comments. Thanks in advance!


  • Yvette posted 2120 days ago


    Kevin! Nice to have you back in the mix. Where'd you go?