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Jeffrey Seibold

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I was Born in Seattle,WA!!! Moved to Minnesota in 1963!!! Moved to Maryland in 1972!!! I was at the last playoff game(Dec.of 1977) of the Baltimore Colts!!! I graduated from South Sr High in 1978! Lived with my dad in Seattle. 1979 the year the Supersonics won the NBA championship!!! Left in April 1980 right before Mt St. Helens erupted!!! Served in the U.S. Army Military Police! (66th mp co 95th mp bn) from 1981-1983 Stationed at Karlsruhe,W.Germany!!! In Dec. 1982 I was at the front gate that night listing to AFN radio to the playoff game between the chargers/Dolphins!!! what a game? If you would like to know more just ask

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