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My name is Greg and I'm from Phoenix. I've been following the Suns as long as I can remember. I've been an Cardinals fan for the past few years. I still have a lot of loyalty to the The Broncos. They were the first team outside of the Suns that I remember cheering for since i was a kid.Though I'm breaking my own rule I think you should always stay true to your city. To find some balance I follow one team from each divison of both the NFC and The AFC. So, the teams I follow closest are Cards, Broncs, Falcons, Packers, Eagles, Colts, Browns, Bills. I don't like the Cowboys, raiders or the 49ers. spit. I would be on the fence about the Falcons but after seeing their defensive line in game 2 this year I'll definitley keep them as a potential favorite. It pisses me off when a team only wins at home. When i'm not watching NFL I also like Notre Dame occasionally as Well as a host of teams in the NHL. Baseball is black and white for me. It's Diamondbacks or go home.It's hard to follow sometimes but British and German soccer is where it's at in my book. Machester United is pretty great if you ever get to see them. I also really like a good boxing match. I won't totally knock MMA but I prefer it old school, toe to toe, show business with blood. If you have not already read Boxing: A Cultural History you should pick it up. It will blow your mind to read about boxing in Ancient Greece. Though it's not covered on B/R I really admire AZRD which for the unfamiliar is Arizona Roller Derby. I used to skate with a grassroots group called the Dry Heat and it's one the crowning achievements in my very amateur sports career. Anyone who wants to talk trash or has something to say about how it's not a sport because it doesn't have a ball or anything along those lines is full of crap. Learn about it before you knock it. My other sports of interest include but are not limited to Hurling, Jai alai, auto racing, golf, gymnastics, rugby, sumo, volleyball and tennis. Two underrated sports that are the pretty special to me are surfing and hurling. Next to rugby and football Hurling is the most intense game out there. The season is over now but you can always find high lights and off season games if you just want to see what it is. oh yeah GO CARDS!!!

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