Nigel Broadnax

Nigel Broadnax


Nigel Broadnax is the name. I'm an aspiring sports writer from Washington, DC. I am a Lincoln University graduate.

If there is anything you need from me or want to know, I'm here to listen.

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  • michael Broadnax posted 2147 days ago

    michael Broadnax

    Nigel you've got to start writing. We miss your insight.

  • Diego Montero posted 2282 days ago

    Diego Montero

    I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks carros for allowing me to comment!

  • shakir acrey posted 2667 days ago

    shakir acrey

    what's up. if you liked them so much. every team could beat the 76ers. im a crazy basketball fan. my team is the milwaukee bucks.

  • Cyrus I. posted 3047 days ago

    Cyrus  I.

    yo nigel - check out my article on the state of the NBA in 2014

  • posted 3055 days ago


    I know you are a big NBA fan and if you are a true NBA then you know of the travesty that is currently happening in Oklahoma City. I am not talking about the Sonics moving there, I am talking about Kevin Durant being held captive on that team.

    The team is stuck in a perpetual cycle of rebuilding. How are they going to resign all those high draft picks? They can’t offer everyone one of those guys over $10M a year and if they sign Durant to the max offer of $14M a year, which they’ll have to, then they cannot afford to sign a good supporting cast to help him win.

    So, what I am asking for you is to come help me out with and write little posts about why it would be great for Durant to come to your city and help your team win a championship.
    If you are interested go here: there is an email link on the bottom of that page.

    Let’s create a storm to get Durant out of OKC to a place where he can win a championship!

    And the site is going to be going through some revamp soon, just taking a while to get the graphics done.

  • Bell Malley posted 3057 days ago

    Bell  Malley

    Check out my new article, and feel free to post a comment: