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  • Steamin Willie Beamen posted 1415 days ago

    Steamin Willie Beamen

    You're a bitch

  • Colton G posted 1682 days ago

    Colton G are annoying. Just thought you should know. "pukehawks" You keep saying the same thing about "coming back down to earth" and shit. Keep doing it. You probably know it gets on peoples nerves knowing that there is a 7 year old troll on the internet that has nothing better to do with his life than make up some childish comment about a team that he doesn't like because they are better than the 49ers. In fact, they are the second best team in the NFL right now behind the Broncos. I bet that just gets you pissed. You trolling people isn't going to change the fact that the Seahawks are going to the superbowl while you sit at home and cry. And by the way, NOBODY likes a troll. Not even other trolls like trolls. It's a sad cycle. Trolls trolling trolls just to get trolled back so he goes to someone else to troll. Your clearly not the only one without a life, for all I know, you might be 7 years old which makes your comments look and make much more sense. I mean, if you were any older than 12-13 years, your comments make you look...retarded.

  • Ben Peterson posted 1771 days ago

    Ben Peterson

    Dude, calm down, you don't need to call the seahawks "pukehawks" all the time, could you at least TRY to be civil, even just a little?

  • Josh Smith Sucks posted 1827 days ago

    Josh Smith Sucks

    Quit acting like a d-bag on all the seahawks articles. You're making the rest of us Falcon fans look bad.