Native of Petersburg, VA; currently reside in Chesterfield County, VA; 30 years of experience in communications and writing; married with one teenage daughter; followed professional wrestling since the days of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling; lifelong Washington Redskins fan (does that mean I am into fantasy football?)

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  • Joe Gvora posted 659 days ago

    Joe Gvora

    Dear, Bill.

    The reason Beth Phoenix retired was because she's been traveling nonstop for 6 years and did not want to keep doing it for eternity. You'd understand as well if you ever decided to become a wrestler.

  • Anjan Sullimada posted 662 days ago

    Anjan Sullimada

    Hey, any word on Zack Ryder?

    I'm starting to suspect the WWE killed him and buried his body. lol

  • Aussie Shark posted 685 days ago

    Aussie Shark

    Bill, with all the changes on RAW and Payback and returning stars, maybe article on where the major faces and heels now stand going forward, and potential fueds.

    As we have seen major changes and pushes

  • Sanraj Banipal posted 685 days ago

    Sanraj Banipal

    Randy Orton Or John Cena

  • Sports Lover posted 751 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Check out:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1603006-wwes-hall-of-fame-chronicles-a-tribute-to-the-hardcore-legend-mick-foley

  • Eagle729 posted 760 days ago


    Thanks 4 the info Bill. Also, I appreciate u complementing me 4 my Christian faith. Again, Thank u :)

  • Eagle729 posted 768 days ago


    How can I make a Sample Article good enough 2 b accepted by the B/R?

  • Eagle729 posted 778 days ago


    What is the difference between a Fanboy & a Mark?

  • Dan Riaz posted 780 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    My list? Haha, alright then check 88 :)

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