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As a former Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, I would like to thank all of my dedicated readers, specifically those who frequent Jets B/R, and the dedicated content team that this site employs. B/R has been a tremendous launching pad. I will be forever thankful for the opportunity to be part of the F/C team.

For those who wish to keep up with my endeavors, you can follow me on Twitter @real_johnshea.

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  • Thomas Rowe posted 1519 days ago

    Thomas Rowe

    John, Tom Rowe of ESPN NH. I have read your work and would like to discuss a time this week for you to go on air with my host Matt Perrault. You can reach me through this email

  • Philip Schawillie posted 1608 days ago

    Philip Schawillie

    Patience and Yankees sometimes go together. Not when describing the team's win-now-at-all-costs organizational philosophy (which under Hal Steinbrenner may evolve to win-at-all-costs-if-they-don't-exceed-the-MLB-luxury-tax-ceiling). However, patience applies with the team's approach to hitting. Working the count, waiting for your pitch and accepting walks instead of slashing at anything near the plate are elements of that approach.

  • James Hicks posted 1868 days ago

    James  Hicks

    I would totally play up the nonexistent connection between you and other John Shea. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

  • James Hicks posted 1870 days ago

    James  Hicks

    Just finished editing your article on the Giants. Excellent piece. You any relation to the baseball writer, John Shea?