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An American fan of football(Real football!!!) My team is and always will be Arsenal F.C.

My first experience with football was watching a game between Arsenal and Aston Villa. I remember flipping through channels late one night because of the time difference across the Atlantic. Although the game was a scoreless draw I just payed attention to the sport and fell for it quickly. So I found out more about English football and admired the history especially Arsenal's history. To add to my passion for football that happened to be the same year as the World Cup in Germany although most Americans only care about the head-butt heard 'round the world, but I loved every minute of it.

So I've been a fan ever since 2006 and will plan to be until forever.

As for the clubs I follow besides the Gunners are: Everton, Bayern Munich, Valencia, Liverpool, Celtic, Montreal Impact who play in the second tier of American leagues. I used to support Real Madrid but once Perez became president again I just couldn't admire them anymore but I hope he leaves one day. As for any nemesis of course I refuse to call Tottenham any type of respectable club. Chelsea also gets under my skin as I get irritated at the sight of them. And now it seems Manchester City is about to become apart of my s*** list. Not because of them taking Adebayor and Toure but their sheer lack of respect for the game and throwing mass sums of cash without taking any time to build the team from the ground up.

Besides football I am also a fan of NBA and College sports.

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  • Salaar Shamsi posted 2965 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi

    The Bottom Corner explores Manchester United's defensive woes.


  • Robin S posted 2966 days ago

    Robin S

    Arsenal rockz mate :)

    Looking forward to the stoke city match,score line may be 2-0 for arsenal (giggling)

  • Muffakham Shaheriyar posted 2978 days ago

    Muffakham Shaheriyar

    hey Mate
    Please Try this
    its my view on whose gonna make it to the Bernabeu in 2010

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 2995 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    Will Arsenal's Defence Define Their Season?


  • Naveed Tariq posted 3034 days ago

    Naveed Tariq

    Hey Dwayne, in what I hope to be a new feature to the site, I've written a comprehensive biography of France Legend Michel Platini, it's long so I can understand if you don't have the time to look at it but otherwise I'd really appreciate your opinion on it.


  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3034 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri

    With both FIFA and PES coming out, I thought I'd write an article about them.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3036 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri


    Got a letter from Rafa, check it out Dwayne

  • Stefan Vasilev posted 3053 days ago

    Stefan Vasilev

    Hi, Dwayne.

    Most of the players in the reserve team are 18 years old or younger. I think Wenger has already chosen several players to promote to the first team: Jack Wilshere, Fran Merida, Vito Mannone, Wojceich Szczesny and Aaron Ramsey.

    However, if you are asking me who I think would be the next one, I can try and give you a few predictions.

    Firstly, I was really impressed by the performances of Sanchezz Watt in the Preseason preparation. He looks like he he is closest to being able to play for the first team. I suppose we will see him helping the team in the club's Carling Cup endeavours.

    Another good suggestion would be Mark Randall. He is currently the oldest player in the reserve team and time is running out for him. He has to prove his worth to the manager in order for him to stay at the club. He will also get his chance to play in the Carling Cup.

    Nacer Barazite is also a safe bet. His techinique is pure quality and it's a question of time when he would reach the first team.

    Nevertheless, as Wenger has already made his choices for this year, I don't see any other reserve players joining the first team, unless injuries torment the first team which would require replacements to be drawn from the reserve team.

    I hope that answers your question. Post on my BB if there is anything else.


  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3069 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri


    Hope you like it Dwayne

  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3077 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri

    Arsenal crushed Everton in their first game in the premier league,

    full report here