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I was near-sited and not nearly coordinated enough to play baseball, but my heart makes me a passionate fan. My wife and I went to Cooperstown and then to a Red Sox-Yankees game at Fenway for our honeymoon. You're probably thining she must really like baseball or really love me. I think its the latter. I am half-way towards my goal of attending a game at every major league stadium. This year I went to Cleveland and caught Albert Pujols' 435 foot home run off Tomo Ohka. So far that's been my lifetime thrill other than having a son Gabriel born on February 29, 2008. I'm also a huge fan of all other sports -especially hockey.

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  • Steve Thompson posted 3050 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Taylor. Actually, I wrote an article saying that Balsillie should try for a CFL franchise. The CFL would welcome him with open arms if wanted to get a long-sought tenth Canadian team in either London or Kitchener, especially if he built a stadium. I also wrote an article saying he should start a new hockey league like the WHA in the 1970's. He could learn from their mistakes, especially if he and his colleagues put franchises in neglected markets in Canada and the northern United States. I doubt he'll crack the NHL old-boys club which probably is devising something should the worst occur for them and the judge awards Balsillie the team in September.

  • Michael W posted 3061 days ago

    Michael  W


    Michael here.

    I'm the one that wrote that Second Base article and we commented back and forth on Frank White. Wanted to welcome you to the Bleacher Report, noticed you recently joined. You are one that knows his defense, bringing up White, welcome everyone (especially knowledgable fans like yourself), look forward to running into you on the site. Talk to you later, nice meeting you. See ya.