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I grew up in Minnesota and my eariliest memories as a kid was Tarkington and the purple people eaters. Kind of hazy ,but still my dad started me off right..have two sons now that route from a distance I'f routing for the Vik's is a good thing. Now in the So California Vikings club and its a gas having 50 Vikings backers at a private part every weekend, cheering each first down.

Being away form the local media and having no local team, gets me a lot of exposure from all the imports here in the Orange County "OC" from all over the country. Seems like every team is backed by some one in the croud. So its refreshing getting others perspective other than Vikings fans input on the team and theirs.

So I 'll just give my 2 cents worth as a man from ouside the forest who isn't obscured by the immediate (local media) trees. Not to mention I follow a few of the other teams as well.

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