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  • Sloan Piva posted 1488 days ago

    Sloan Piva

    Hey bud... looks like I'm hitting the old, dusty trail. Resigned from B/R this week. Please continue to follow me at or on Twitter @SloanPiva!

  • Sloan Piva posted 1610 days ago

    Sloan Piva

    Wu-Tang fan? We're not so different, you and I.

  • Sloan Piva posted 1617 days ago

    Sloan Piva

    Thanks for the read, and the kind words! Some people trounced me for the Shavlik piece, but I guess not everyone cares about the entirety of the team as much as we do.

    In response to your question, I like White as well, and think it was a good move on Ainge's part given his intelligence and experience. I think he's a great role player... he's not going to be the PJ Brown of 2013 but he's definitely good for some defense and rebounding and the occasional mid-range jumper from the perimeter or wing.

    But I'd take Shav over him, solely for the rebounding skills and raw talent. I love the size and athleticism he brings to the table, and think he can make a big impact defensively.

    I'll take them both, though. Thanks for becoming a fan... are you planning on writing articles as well?

  • Sloan Piva posted 1652 days ago

    Sloan Piva

    Hey Brendan,
    Check out my most recent article about the available NBA free agents the Celtics should consider signing to fill voids left by Rondo, Sullinger, and Blur.