Stuart Latimer

Stuart Latimer


Football fan turned football writer. NUFC Season ticket holder and Shola's original fan. Studied Journalism at UIUC & a graduate of The University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, I recently completed a Creative Writing MA at Northumbria University. Currently writing a novel about the future of football, I also pen a weekly topical column '50 Shades of Black and White' for

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  • Mr Chips posted 1703 days ago

    Mr Chips

    Maritimo at home in Europa League. Was onside when he ran through and scored rebound.

  • Jazel Morffe posted 1746 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Haha, Mourinho to Barca? That would be just about the only thing that would ever stop me from supporting Barcelona. Cheers

  • Jazel Morffe posted 1746 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Dude, what's the matter, you thinking about me too much? The questions about his abilities are yours only. Messi's got 4 Ballon d'Or awards from the people whose opinion really matters in world football. As a Barcelona fan, Messi is the least of my worries. He's doing his job well enough, even if you can't recognize it. If he gets the chances he hasn't been getting lately, he will bury them most likely. I'm more worried about my team's ability to get up and fight back. Football is a team sport, or do I need to explain that to you? Messi needs to bring a better effort, but even if he shows up at his absolute best, Messi won't be able to save Barca if his teammates (especially veterans like Puyol, Alves, and Xavi) and coaches don't step up too.

  • Jazel Morffe posted 1762 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    The Premier League is much more competitive than La Liga, but it's all about the money, mate. La Liga has seen more competitive days, and the Premier League also has seen a lot better football. With that said, it's remarkable how teams like Valencia, Malaga, Sevilla, and Atletico and such have been able to compete in Europe in recent years, without being able to keep their top players and without being able to spend in reinforcements. That means in spite of the lack of money and the inability to compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid, the football is still excellent. And for the Messi and Ronaldo scoring fest, it also has to do with the football culture, which values offense above defense. It's an interesting issue, and it's not so clear cut as you make it out to be in your controversial Ronaldo-Messi article. You can't formulate conclusions out of thin air. Sorry if I offended you.

    As for the Champions League, anything can happen. Obviously I have complete faith in Barcelona being able to win it, but games are meant to be played. That being said, I figure the most likely winners would be Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid/Manchester United. My dark horses would be PSG and Dortmund.

  • Sidonie Blaugrana posted 1768 days ago

    Sidonie Blaugrana

    Thanks for the compliment - I'm glad you find it interesting!

    I actually have been looking into reds, penalties, etc in the Spanish league, which as you can imagine is a long process. I should be posting the results of that soon, and it's actually very interesting and not necessarily what people would really expect.

    However, I'm not sure I'm going to do so with the EPL, because it is quite a lot of work and I'm not a huge EPL fan. I like Arsenal, Swansea, and United, but other than that I don't really find the EPL very interesting, and I honestly feel like there's more than enough attention paid to it as it is. The United question is interesting enough that curiosity might spur me on to do it anyway, though. :P

    That said, I'm definitely not going to be comparing UCL/domestic league stats for Spanish teams, mostly because I don't think that any meaningful or productive conclusions can be drawn by it. The league includes enough matches that no one or two major decisions will really affect the overall statistics, but there are so few UCL games in a season that regression to the mean is less possible after even one early sending off, right or wrong. To get a big enough sample size that it's no longer a problem, you end up dealing with completely different teams and eras. Added to the difference in refereeing standards and the difference between UCL opposition and league opposition (both qualitatively and quantitatively), it shouldn't really surprise anyone if the stats turn out different.

  • mohib mohammad ali posted 1768 days ago

    mohib mohammad ali

    u article on messi and ronaldo was pure shit .. seriously the whole world knows whos in the shadow of who!

  • Mike Hoag posted 1769 days ago

    Mike Hoag

    @Jazel - I enjoyed his writing, but disagreed with some of the things in it. Just stopped by let him know I liked it.

  • Jazel Morffe posted 1770 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Your last article is absolutely unbelievable. You would think by reading it that England was dominating world football, winning everything in sight.

  • Brian Gramman posted 1782 days ago

    Brian Gramman

    I was wondering why I hadn't seen you write anything about Newcastle in a while, then I checked your page and saw you decided to take on Gary Neville and every Man U fan on the site. Absolutely love the cajones. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • J J posted 1869 days ago

    J J

    I start to look forward to games then I have to put up with another performance and score like last night, but then again the abuse the team and Kenny got for winning the League cup last year from some fans I'm not to worried! Good thing though is that most of last Sundays team have rested including all of the defence just need to start scoring more of our chances! Newcastle seem to be blowing hot and cold again this season back to the old days;) thought Cisse would be scoring like last season.
    Watched the Sunderland game with an old time Geordie the other week Sunderland now how to ruin a game of football, even though Tiote was sent off Sunderland had no idea how to really break you down!
    What's the article going to be on? Liverpool WAGS V newcastle WAGS!:)