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  • The48145BuckeyeERMD1 posted 1029 days ago


    Woofie... I forgot to mention what an entire fraud I am. You see, my dick is so small that my wife was arrested for child molestation, My hairline is receding, and I am only 5'4. I have a lot of issues, one of which is anger. I'm sorry I lash out at you... I never even went to OSU, I went to Columbus State because I was to dumb to get in to OSU. Oh, please forgive me, I will give you some good head if it makes us even? Just remember, I'm a fuckhead, loser, asshole who has no life so I have to come on here to make myself feel better. The Buckeyes are a sham and I need to tell the world!

  • The48415BuckeyeERMD1 posted 1102 days ago


    woofie, woofie, woofie!! You have got to be ready to drink that draino milkshake right about now, huh? What was it that you wrote on my page. " Ohio State isn't the class of the Big Ten". Well you have it partially right. The BUCKEYES OF THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY ARE THE CLASS OF CFB. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! DAMN IT has to suck BEING YOU.

  • The48415BuckeyeERMD1 posted 1192 days ago


    POOR DUMBASSED woofie!! How about michigan? You actually went to my bio page and wrote that, "You would be back when Brax got hurt". Karma is a bitch isn't it woofie? LOOK AT THE SORRY wolverines!!! GOOD LUCK with any type of bowl game. HERE IS YOUR PLAIN WHITE TEE SHIRT!! LMAO!! You are a JOKE!!

  • Alter Ego posted 1216 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Hey Wolf, I forgot to end that last post with a Go Buckeyes!!!!! like I usually do. Sorry about that - I was laughing too hard about the Utah game. Can you believe your misery was delayed an extra 2 1/2 hours because of lightening and rain? I mean every Michigan fan just wanted the game to be over with but God steps in and says - I don't think so let's mess with the Michigan fans a little bit more. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!! Hey Wolf, it looks like God has a sense of humor just like me. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!! Go Buckeyes!!!!!

  • Alter Ego posted 1217 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Wolf, how about that Utah game? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! And the lightening is delaying the pain. Hang in there Wolf - It's only going to get worse. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

  • Alter Ego posted 1222 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Hey Wolf, here's a reply to one of your comments from one of your fellow Michigan fans: "Wolf, go f*** yourself. I'm sick of reading your b.s. Nothing but hot air. If you think this team is improving, then you're out of your mind! " So what do think Wolf? That's not from me, that's from a Michigan guy. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! Hey Wolf, okay that one was pretty good right? Okay, okay here’s another reply from a different Michigan guy to another one of your comments: “You clown. Do us all a favor and juggle or do some tricks.” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! These replies to you are from other Michigan guys Wolf. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! I guess I don’t need to make comments on your board anymore Wolf. I think I’m just going to sit back and read the replies to your comments from your fellow Michigan fans. They are very entertaining. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Go Buckeyes!!!!!

  • Alter Ego posted 1238 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Hi Wolf, congrats on your amazing super incredibly awesome win of App State today. Wow, I can't believe your team actually beat them this time. I mean you have to be really partying right now over such a fantastic win. I'm back baby. Get ready for a little Ego time on your boards this year Wolf. Go Buckeyes!!!

  • Mr Avon posted 1477 days ago

    Mr Avon


  • Alter Ego posted 1481 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Hi Wolf, how's it going? Anything new? How did Michigan do in the whatever bowl? No point in telling you how bad Michigan sucks because you already know. So let me attempt to improve your vocabulary when you describe Michigan to your friends in the future. Try using these words: dreadful, awful, appalling, horrific, horrifying, horrible, horrendous, atrocious, abominable, deplorable, egregious, abhorrent, frightful, shocking, hideous, ghastly, grim, dire, unspeakable, gruesome, monstrous, sickening, heinous, vile.
    Have a good day Wolf.

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1482 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    ONE MORE THING woofie!! 1-6 after a five and o start!! DAMN son how you doing? K-STATE OWNED THAT michigan ass didn't they? LMAO!! Remember woofie K-STATE LOST TO AN FCS SCHOOL!! FCS!! WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? OH that's right you will probably switch to MSU or something like that!! LMAO!!