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  • Syed Ali posted 2560 days ago

    Syed Ali

    sorry, the last link is supposed to be

  • Syed Ali posted 2560 days ago

    Syed Ali

    t it has been shown that the amount of force with which a football player hits another football player is 15 times that of a rugby player. Watch , , , & .

    Those guys all weigh at least 250 lbs, at least 270 lbs with full pads, and run ~4.7 40 yard dashes. The sheer momentum (p = mv) and energy transfer (KE = .5 m v^2) is far greater for football than rugby, making anything less than pads hazardous. Also, every player on one team is attempting to tackle every player on the other team, whereas for rugby it is focused on solely one individual

  • Sudip Bagui posted 2774 days ago

    Sudip Bagui

  • Iain Strachan posted 2802 days ago

    Iain Strachan

    Hi Dennis, I hope you like my follow up England piece:


  • Andrew Jordan posted 2903 days ago

    Andrew Jordan

    Hey Dennis, with the end of the 2000's coming upon us, I decided to look back at the biggest stories in football this decade. Please look at it and tell me what you think of it.

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 2929 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi


    The Bottom Corner corner again with a look at Michael Owen.

    Have a look,

  • Barney Corkhill posted 3010 days ago

    Barney Corkhill


    Usain Bolt has left the world speechless again, but how does his Berlin performance compare to that of Jesse Owens 73 years earlier? Have a look, comment, and rate if you have the time!


  • Mary O'Shea posted 3010 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Hiya Dennis,

    I just read on one of your articles a few days back that you are not Wenger's biggest fan - him as a person not as a manager.

    That I can totally understand but just give this article a read and see what you think of him then and why he acts the way he does.

    Let me know what you think,

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 3037 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi


    La Liga can now boast of having the three best players in the world. Are you sensing a new trend?

    Have a look, IF you want to.

  • Salaar Shamsi posted 3038 days ago

    Salaar Shamsi


    Buddy, that was an amazing first article. It's very hard to make a name for yourself on B/R because it's Open Source Network, with millions of members from all around the world but if you can consistently cough up articles like that, I can assure you, you will climb up the ladder from a 'Scribe' to a 'Senior Writer' in no time.

    Now, CONSISTENCY - is very important.

    Secondly, RESEARCH - before writing an article, like you've done in your first article is important because if you get some facts wrong, it could harm your reputation.

    INTERACTION - is equally important, you have to read articles written by other writers, to learn, to improve your style, to get inspired. In the World Football Community, I'd suggest you read articles by Alex Dimond, Andrew McNair, Maire Ofeire, Willie Gannon and myself besides others.

    The more you write, the better you will get. If like somebody's writing, become their fan, you have to go on their profile and click on the little orange button at the top of the window and if you like a particular article then rate it and give a 'my Pick of the Day' vote to it.

    Dennis, I'm hoping to see alot more of you on B/R.

    We hope you enjoy writing here.

    Salaar Shamsi
    World Football Community Leader.