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  • Henry Ball posted 2950 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Pick the winners, win the loot!

    Take the challenge, it'll be fun!

  • Brian Gailey posted 2970 days ago

    Brian Gailey

    Your article on the BCS is easily one of the worst pieces of pseudo- "journalism" I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Your defense of an un-defendable system is only made further laughable by the fact that at the end of your "article", YOU CALL FOR A PLAYOFF!: "And they could eliminate conference championships for conference vs. non-conference championships, in essence creating a mini-playoff." So how do we fix the BCS? Make it into a playoff!

    Your argument that "a four-team playoff would allow for any team from a major conference to pad their schedule with as many cupcake non-conference opponents as possible" actually made me laugh out loud and proved you did little to no research for this attempt at "journalism". Let me ask you a question: Have you checked out the non-conference schedules of powerhouses like Florida, Alabama, LSU, Wisconsin, Pitt, Penn St, Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, and many others? All have MAYBE one respectable non conference game and the rest are pure cupcakes. So what would change exactly if we had a playoff? These teams could continue to schedule teams like Wofford, Florida Atlantic, Arkansas St, etc. They do it under the BCS and they'll do it under a playoff.

    The closing sentence to this garbage still has my head spinning. Allow me to summarize it: "I know the system sucks. It's unfair, biased, and leaves everyone unsatisfied at the end of the season, but it gives the fans MAYBE 1-2 great out of conference games per year. Let's keep it!" Great idea!

    It's obvious that CFB needs a 16 team playoff. The argument that it wold "devalue" the regular season is pure hogwash. What did the Ohio St/Michigan game mean this year? Ohio St had already secured a Rose Bowl berth and Michigan had no shot at a bowl. So if Michigan had won, what happens? Ohio St still goes to the Rose Bowl and Michigan still goes home. With a 16 team playoff, Michigan would have a chance to possibly knock their arch rival out of a playoff spot.

    A 16 team playoff is equitable, HUGELY profitable, exciting, and most important, it produces a TRUE National Champion. I know that's a foreign concept to "fans" like yourself, but the rest of us educated, knowledgeable, coherent college football fans know it's the right thing to do.

  • Henry Ball posted 2986 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Hey man,

    Check this one out if you've got a minute!

    Maybe we can slay us a giant! Thanks - HB

  • Brad Frank posted 3008 days ago

    Brad  Frank


    Please check out my latest article. I list an over/under prop bet for each NBA team pertaining to their respective season.

    Even if you just comment with one prediction, I'll be thankful you did.


  • Alex Johnson posted 3031 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    If predicting the Lions to upset the 'Skins last week wasn't bold enough, check out my upset prediction this week:

    I think you'll find that a bold prediction! :)