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Dave Winfrey

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Teams are Los Angeles Dodgers (Bleed dodger blue), Oakland Raiders (Silver & Black baby!). Los Angeles Lakers (Been watching them since I was a little boy. Played some basketball back in my day. I'm 6"5 so that was my sport. Boston Bruins (Fell in love with that city and team after a visit) I follow the Los Angeles Kings because they were the local team when I lived in LA for almost 7yrs so I root for them if they are not playing the Bruins. =). I also follow the Saints since the 80's when I use to love to watch Sam Mills, Rickey Jackson and Pat Swilling among other cause havoc. So I will root for them as long as they are not playing my raiders. I also love MMA been watching the UFC since UFC 1 and on and really enjoy the sport. Haven't enjoyed boxing since Mike Tyson was dominating so haven't really watched any since then. Would like to see Pacquia and Mayweather fight but don't fore see that ever happening. I play fantasy sports in NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL. I consider it my hobby. I have won a few titles but I don't deem myself a great fantasy player but I do enjoy it immensely and go peddle to the metal all through the season with no quit it in me.

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