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  • Kyle Poole posted 1183 days ago

    Kyle Poole

    Hey! What do you think will happen in the playoffs?

  • Lucie Gagnon posted 1525 days ago

    Lucie Gagnon

    no. NFL Thinker i don't feel that just because the Patriots lost this game , that just this game was fixed. there have been alot of games played by many teams that were not called correctly by the officials. sometimes words are spoken in anger, or looking for answers to what went wrong. and yes, it is often better to think before responding to other garbage being said or written. also, there has been way too much made of spygate. the patriots didn't show up for this game, no excuses. they lost as a team. there was no spark, no fire, nothing showing that they wanted to win the game. and all the idiots out there calling the patriots arrogant, what about the loud mouth ravens? they didn't exactly show any class, especially Suggs. he wasn't a gracious winner. was he?

  • Kobi Azoulay posted 1566 days ago

    Kobi Azoulay

    Your playoff opinions look pretty good