Top 9 in the WWE.

Triple H 
Bray Wyatt 
Roman Reigns 
Brock Lesnar 
Daniel Bryan 
The Usos

I love the WWE. Been a fan since I was a young lad in the mid 80's. Each week in Australia I watch all five WWE produced programs. That's 8 hours of WWE action each week. I look forward to it too. I also spend a lot of time on this website discussing the WWE and it's superstars with all of you fine folk. The WWE is my escape from working my cattle station in rural Queensland. To me, that's a lot to be thankful for. The WWE is a massive global company which is always trying to expand it horizons. The company has continued to evolve and move with modern times. Do they always succeed in such goals? No. Do they always do the right thing by their employees or fans? No. Have they produced some of the most incredible and memorable moments in wrestling? Absolutely Yes! Part of the fun for me is chatting with you guys about opinions and discussing things we think they could do better. I personally like to keep things pretty positive. Every fan who is on this website posting comments is obviously passionate about the WWE in some way. We all have our own opinions because we care about the product. We care about it's history. We care about it's future. Trying to imagine my life without the WWE is just plain awful. I'd miss that weekly entertainment, excitement and the buzz I get waiting for next week's action. Long live the WWE!

Also happy to chat about cricket, golf, AFL and Australian horse racing.

Cheers mate.

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  • Never asked, your thoughts about WM.?

  • Jasper O'Brien posted 4 days ago

    Jasper O'Brien

    WWE has done a terrible job advertising the Australia tour. I was going to go, but then I found out Roman Reigns was going to be there.

  • BOB posted 4 days ago


    Do you want to hear a joke?
    Roman Reigns.

  • Ms. Mayhem posted 20 days ago

    Ms. Mayhem

    Aussie Aussie Ausssie OI Oi OI! :)

  • Richard M posted 27 days ago

    Richard M

    Thanks for the endorsement, I've enjoyed your positive comments about WWE since long before I grew irritated enough with the user base here to finally create an account. Which is strange because I'm a lifelong pessimist. It was an effort just seeing your little kangaroo on my page since for me, BR's been rather broken which is why there's no profile info on my own page, all it lets me do when I go to edit it is add a twitter handle, which I don't have. Even the link on the site that leads to my own page is broken, I had to get there from the email it generated. But I guess all of that was irrelevant to you. Either way, keep doing what you do as one of apparently two people who like WWE.

  • Rooster Head posted 30 days ago

    Rooster Head

    You won.

  • Randy Norton posted 31 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Who do you think will be the player of the tournament ?

  • Randy Norton posted 32 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Aussies will win mate.

  • Rooster Head posted 32 days ago

    Rooster Head

    Yeah, biggest cricket event then biggest wrestling event. Lets see who wins.

  • Rooster Head posted 33 days ago

    Rooster Head

    Australia won by 95 runs. Dream final come true.