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  • Evenflow posted 10 days ago


    Hey Australian, have you ever seen a film called Wolf Creek? It's based on a true story, and it takes place in Australia. It's a horror film of sorts. Just wondering if you've seen the film, or heard about it. This movie is pretty intense.

  • BOB posted 11 days ago


    Hey, how great is SmackDown these days? I mean, all the good matches that never end in DQ! It's such a fun, family friendly show that everyone can get behind!

  • Thoughts on money in the bank?

  • PPV was ok, but not rewatchable i think and i wish Sheamus will win. He is losing all of the matches, to Ryback at EC, Orton RAW, Reigns SD. Its the usual booking for MITB winners.

  • What up mate, your thought on the chamber PPV?

  • Doctor Cube posted 39 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    You're welcome, I've been a Samoa Joe superfan for a long time now (obviously), so when I get the chance to show people how good he is, I take it.

  • Doctor Cube posted 40 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey Australian, I've remembered a couple more Samoa Joe matches that I think you should check out if you can find them:

    There is an incredible triple threat match from the 2002 Ted Petty Invitational in IWA-MS between Joe, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. It's regarded as one of the greatest indy matches of this era.

    You can also check out the CZW vs ROH Cage of death match. I don't know if you like hardcore matches but this is probably the best indy hardcore match ever, and it involves some familiar faces like Daniel Bryan and Cesaro.

    I also remembered he had a pretty great match in ROH where he teamed up with Low Ki to face Hideo Itami and Naomichi Marufuji. It will give you a chance to see what Itami was like before his WWE days.

    And lastly the match with Misawa I mentionned in the comment was in Pro Wrestling NOAH and not in ROH. I know that you can usually find a lot of NOAH matches on Youtube pretty easily, so you might be able to find this one.


  • how would you grade Sheamus match, fatal four way main event and the tag team contest.

  • She Who Is Not SAWFT posted 50 days ago

    She Who Is Not SAWFT

    Wow. Sorry you guys don't get WWE live often. But whenever you get to go WM, I'm sure you will have a ball and embrace every moment because you're usually positive.

  • She Who Is Not SAWFT posted 50 days ago

    She Who Is Not SAWFT

    Hey Australian, thanks. PB was brilliant. I wish WWE would come to your neck of the woods often. Have you ever been to a WM or plan to?