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  • Down Under posted 1 day ago

    Down Under

    hows things dude? nxt was awesome in its build to takeover london. i even thought they did the whole corporate eva champ crooked ref thing quite well to mask the rawness of evas in ring ability. i was sold and in the end bayley overcame so it was all good! also the thought of enzo and cas vs the champs is awesome! and emma vs asuka... no words for that it will be amazing ( i love heel emma) i am also excited for the impending owens vs ambrose and the TLC match for the title should be solid... as long as they don't just copy the bryan vs orton feud.

  • Dave posted 1 day ago


    Hell yeah man! What a glorious day! For Rusev has returned! The Bulgarian brawler has wisely aligned himself with those in power. He can now return to being the true destructive force that we all know he is capable of ! Then he shall begin his climb towards the top of mountain; where he will one day win the WWE Championship! Cementing himself as WWE's #1 heel! RuRu is back! Everyone better take notice!

  • Dark Side posted 2 days ago

    Dark Side

    And my prediction went almost fully correct. And I wanted them to do better than that lol.
    I was underwhelmed by Survivor Series. Matches were good but lacked swerves. Did not live up to the hype for me. Reigns vs ADR was my favourite match as well but still wasn't of very high caliber I was expecting.
    But I like how you're thinking. I wish I was a little more positive to enjoy the show more. I need some New Day haha.

  • New Day GOAT posted 3 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    What are your thought on Solomon Crowe getting released from WWE?

  • Anna Omega 2.0 posted 4 days ago

    Anna Omega 2.0

    Seems like your predictions were a little off. How could you actually expect anything surprising, like the Brothers of Destruction losing and WWE (or The Authority) letting Reigns get away with a clean win? Sheamus as the champ, the guy who was just pinned by Ryback, the guy who still looks stupid as hell... oh my. Well, at least a lot of people here should be happy that Reigns doesn't reign now.

    I missed Cesaro (didn't even know he was injured) and Sasha... both of them would have made Survivor Series a better event. Just as at least a few surprises would have...

  • Prince of Dark Matter posted 4 days ago

    Prince of Dark Matter

    What did you think of SS mate?

  • Dark Side posted 4 days ago

    Dark Side

    Some predictions went wrong Aussie haha. Sheamus won. BOD won. And Big E's not the sole survivor. I wish he was. Wanted to see that dance after win lol.
    Whats your thoughts on SS? Good PPV but I expected it to be better. Crowd sucked though. Reduced the enjoyment.

  • Dave posted 5 days ago


    What's up man. Thanks again for the well wishes. As for the wedding, yeah everything went smoothly (which was surprising lol). What was really weird was how fast the day went by. Time flew by haha. It's kind of crazy, you spend 10+ months planning something and then it's over in a snap lol. But I'm just glad everything is back to normal now.

    As for Survivor Series, it looks like we have some different predictions. That's probably good though. That might mean the event wont be very predictable (which is always a good thing IMO). Whatever happens a new champ is always exciting. Tonight should be a good one.

  • Doctor Cube posted 5 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Nice predos mate, here are mine:

    5 on 5 elimination tag: I don't know who is in it so I don't really know who's momentum should be kept up, and since it's been so half assed, I'm thinking victory for the babyfaces. I just hope the guy getting the final pin will be an actually popular babyface like Cesaro or Neville, instead of someone like Ryback.

    Reigns vs Del Rio: Reigns, no surprises there.

    Ambrose vs Owens: I'd love Owens but I'm thinking more Ambrose on this one, I'm not sure WWE trusts Owens enough to put him in the main event. I'd like to see Owens injure Ambrose, maybe in a post match attack, making Ambrose not a 100% for the finals.

    Ziggler vs Breeze: Prince Prettty wins this one, let's hope it's clean and not because Summer Rae remembered she has shoes to throw.

    Charlotte vs Paige: Charlotte retains in the most fantastic MR women's match in years to make up for the dead brother controversy.

    BOD vs Wyatts: I really want Bray to win this match, but if this feud is going to continue through Mania, I want Bray to win there, so I'm thinking BOD wins when the other WYatt family members interfere, leading to Taker seeking revenge on Bray (maybe costing him the Rumble) in a WM match which Bray wins.

    Ambrose vs Reigns: I want Ambrose to be mildly injured in that match because I want Reigns to have a spot where he'll have the chance to take advantage of his injury to win the match, but won't, teasing a heel turn but not effectively turning. Also, I'd like Ambrose to have a performance that will be all about guts, which I think would be a great story for him to win the WWE title, because yes, I'm betting on Ambrose winning the whole tourney. Quite irrelevantly might I add, because Sheamus will cash in on the poor guy right after.

    WE're not really agreeing on the whole thing, but I think it's better than when everybody managed to get the entire card right like at HIAC, at least SS seems more unpredictable. Should be a good show, see you later in the comments man.

  • New Day GOAT posted 5 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    • Charlotte vs Paige = Charlote wins with figure eight
    • Breeze vs Ziggler = Breeze wins with beauty shot thanks to a distraction from Summer Rae
    • Reigns vs Del Rio = ReignsWinLOL
    • Ambrose vs Owens = Ambrose wins with dirty deeds
    • BOD vs Wyatt Family = BOD wins with help from Sting and Daniel Bryan
    • Reigns vs Ambrose = Reigns wins with one spear which crowd will boo him out of the building
    • 5 vs 5 traditional Survior Series match hasn't been announce yet