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  • Dave posted 2 hours ago


    Hey Australian. Yeah man I was pretty bummed to see Bryan retire. Loved watching the guy wrestle; you could see how important wrestling was to him. Initially I wasn't the biggest DB fan, but once he formed Team Hell No with Kane, I was all in. In my opinion they were the best tag team of the modern era. I enjoyed the tribute on Raw. I'm glad they allowed him to end the show and gave him extra time to talk etc. The whole thing felt very genuine and you could see just how much wrestling means to him. It was pretty sad, but now I'm ok with it. I just focus on the fact that this decision is what's best for Bryan's health, and that's what's most important. It's sad we won't get to see him wrestle anymore, but we should be happy that we were able to witness the "Yes Movement". And we'll always have WM30.

    As for Ryback, hell yeah man I love his new attire. Ryback is a beast ! I commented on an article that I would love to go to the gym with him haha. He's an incredibly hard working performer who doesn't get the respect he deserves from some fans. Oh well their lose haha. I for one love the Big Guy.

  • Doctor Cube posted 3 hours ago

    Doctor Cube

    I've been trying to find that match for a while too, but it's complicated. It's regarded as one of the obscure indie classics that all great wrestlers have had but only a handful of people have witnessed. CM Punk in an interview said that Eddie Guerrero, when he toured the US indies, would constantly put on five star matches for 50 people, that weren't even filmed, and that only few remember.

    Fortunately, the good folks of the World Wrestling Network released just a few days ago, an Ambrose vs Danielson match that happened in Dragon Gate USA a while back:

    If you're interested, here are some other matches from Bryan in his pre-WWE days:

    Bryan vs Finn Balor:

    Bryan vs Hideo Itami:

    Bryan vs Sami Zayn:

    And two of my favourite Bryan matches (that are available on youtube), Bryan vs Nigel McGuinness:

    And Bryan vs Roderick Strong:

    Do rib-eyes have anything to do with lamb? If not, I'm thinking about something else. I saw a documentary about New Zealand gastronomy and the people in there did a grilled lamb specialty that they said they share with Australia, but I can't remember its name. I just remember that it looked incredibly delicious.

  • Down Under posted 15 hours ago

    Down Under

    no one has had a connection to the fans quite like Bryan, anyone who loves wrestling and has a heart must have found it hard not to be a tad moved. it was a great retirement and a fitting end to a career cut short. i am glad he got his wrestlemania moment and he had done a lot so its not all bad news. we just have to look to the future now, i cannot wait for Rollins,cesaro,kidd,even cena to get back.

  • Hunter Dallas posted 1 day ago

    Hunter Dallas

    I came across some great knowledge from the NXT winners article that you're a Kill Bill fan and so am I!!! What's your favorite moment from Vol.1 and 2?

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1 day ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Your positivity is admirable and useful. Glad to see another Reigns fan.

  • Patrick B posted 1 day ago

    Patrick B

    I think it was one of the best segments on Raw in years. A lot of mixed feelings about it; sad to see he’ll never wrestle again, but then he’s done more with his career than most people will ever achieve. The sheer volume of awesome moments to revisit is ten times most guys. He reached the pinnacle of a wrestling career at Wrestlemania 30, and got the retirement he deserved, which only a very small handful of guys get to have, i.e. Edge and Ric. There’s relief also as I think I’d be a bit on edge watching him perform if he had come back, multiple concussions are no joke, and I wouldn’t want Bryan having the same issues Bret has had later in life. He can now ride off into the sunset and have babies and start a new life. A happy ending, which sadly in wrestling can be a rare thing.

    The Uproxx guy, who does my favourite Raw write-ups every week, did a lovely send-off piece for Bryan. Worth a read.

    I think his influence has been huge. If Punk and Bryan didn’t get over the way they did, I can’t imagine half the guys in NXT that came from the indies would be signed. It really changed mindsets, I mean, you look at OVW before NXT and the types of guys like Cena, Shelton, Brock, Batista, Orton that they were pushing, and then look at NXT. Completely different wrestling landscape and skillsets and looks. Guys like Owens and Sami probably wouldn’t have gotten their shots. Even the women as well, I can’t imagine Becky, Bayley or Sasha would have gotten signed before the indie talent started showing they could draw and engage main roster audiences. Just a phenomenal performer all round, his indie work is some of the best technical wrestling ever, and his WWE career was tremendous amount of fun.

    Here's one of my favourite indie promos, Bryan cracking up the whole time. Good to see him in happier times.

    I think however there is a big elephant in the room. Ten, even five, years ago Bryan would have been cleared and wrestling. This new test he did changed his mindset and made him decide to retire, but you have to wonder how many other guys on the roster would pass a test like that. Bubba Ray and Tommy Dreamer absolutely would not have but they both wrestled this year, and I'm sure there are plenty more who have had concussions through the years. There could be a big sea change with more guys retiring early because of this.

    But maybe that's a discussion for another day. Bryan couldn't have had a better send-off, the crowd were great and his speech was magic.

  • The Architect posted 2 days ago

    The Architect

    Hey mate, Daniel's retirement was definitely one of the most touching wrestling moments I've ever seen, the whole night felt so emotional, the video packages they made were also very good.

    It's a true shame that we will never get to see some of the best dream matches like Daniel Bryan vs AJ Style or Shinsuke Nakamura. Wrestling will mourn the retirement of one of its greatest talents.

    What did you make of it?

  • Doctor Cube posted 2 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Hey buddy, I thought Bryan's farewell was great. It was a very sad moment, but Bryan made sure that people don't feel so sad about by going through those great memories. I can't say my eyes satyed dry all the way through though.Honestly, I'm kind of just now realizing that it's over (choking up a bit writing this tbh). I know what I'm doing this weekend, RVD cigarettes and Bryan Danielson marathon.

    I didn't catch what Prince Pretty was wearing sadly, but I happened to notice Y2J wearing a Social Outcasts shirt, which I thought was really cool of him. Unrelated, what are rib-eyes exactly?

  • New Day GOAT posted 2 days ago

    New Day GOAT

    I agree with that reason. Still waiting on Rick Rude, Owen Hart, and Freebirds to be inducted this year. Jackie is being rumor to being the only women wrestler to being inducted. Of course Sting is the grand finale which is well deserved. Big fan of his WCW days when he wasn't white and black face painted. It is amazing to see so many people sending their prayers and thoughts toward Bryan. It is always a great time to be a pro wrestling fan.

    What do you think about Lesnar-Reigns-Ambrose storyline so far?

  • Anna Omega posted 2 days ago

    Anna Omega

    Actually I hate fish... sounds stupid, but I've been getting the creeps of those since I was a kid. When it comes to food, I'm incredibly picky, be it due to intolerances or dislikes... so it's a real pain to invite me to dinner. Fortunately, I can take care of myself when it comes to that. Have a nice week, I'm off to bed now.