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  • Patrick B posted 1 hour ago

    Patrick B

    Interesting list. A real Attitude era guy I guess? ADR is a bit of a curveball. I loved his work (him running over Santa is still one of the funniest moments ever on Raw, and his monthly kick the piss out of Sin Cara was always fun, that is until Sin Cara botched a sunset flip and gave him a concussion) He is really missed, but glad he's found a new lease on life away from the WWE. He never deserved to be fired.

    Any particular reason why Trips is number one? I've personally not always been a fan, but I think he's maligned unfairly for his McMahon connection - guy was well on his way to be a multi-time world champ HoF career before dating Steph. Not a favourite of mine but I'd say 2000 is probably the best year in WWE, and that's down almost entirely to him and his Foley, Austin and Angle feuds. A fantastic time to be a fan and he really was MVP of wrestling that year.

    For me, my top 5:

    Number one: Austin - WWF in between 1996 to 1997, he was the only thing worth watching on the show. Rewatching some Raws recently from that time and it amazes me WWE try and say it was a group effort getting their ratings back from WCW, it was him alone at that time, up until Foley and Rocky and Trips got their characters right towards the end of 97/start of 98 (beginning of 97, I think Hunter was in the longest feud of all time against Goldust, that thing went on forever!).

    Austin's character work was perfect imo, I could hear Austin promos heel and face in that period for days, they never get old. He was never the best in-ring for moves but his psychology in matches was always perfectly on-point, and his mat skills before his neck injury were great. He single-handedly saved WWE, what we would have missed without him (no Sasha/Bayley for one!), and his own stuff alone was just one of the best times to be a wrestling fan. I really respect his grind to the top as well, no one pushed for him along the way (he was never going to be Vince's guy until he caught fire himself).

    Number two: Macho Man Randy Savage - the first image when I think of wrestling would be Macho doing a promo with Mene Gene or him jumping off the top rope. Favourite wrestler as a kid and his work still holds up today. His story-arc from winning the championship at Mania 4 to forming the Mega Powers to the break up and then eventually reuniting with Miss Elizabeth at Mania 7 is the best story WWE ever told.

    Number three: Eddie Guerrero - it's actually very sad when I watch old Nitros then watch 2004 era WWE. Eddie tripled in size all so he could get a push because of Vince's absurd body type obsession, which ultimately led to his heart giving out. A lot of guy's have died too young, Eddie was one that really hurt as I was so invested in him. Old Nitros are great for watching his stuff though on the Network, I didn't watch Nitro as couldn't really get it in Ireland so to have this vault of Eddie matches at his prime is amazing. There's always a random match against Flair or a cruiserweight classic.

    Number four: Bret Hart - Couldn't give promos so well, although nowhere near as bad as people think - just very different to the coked-up crazy promos of the Hulkamania era. Everything else was pure excellence of execution. I'm a big in-ring story-telling and psychology guy rather than cool spots guy and Bret was just a wrestling genius when it came to that.

    Number Five: Kurt Angle /Jericho - love them both in particular WCW Jericho and his early WWE run, and Kurt's entire WWE was so entertaining. I don't think Kurt ever had a bad segment or match - and his 'Sexy Kurt' Shawn parody is one of my favourite non-wrestling moments ever.

  • Curb Stomp posted 13 hours ago

    Curb Stomp

    NXT is killing it Aussie. Great matches from beginning to the end. Only complain would be how they're handling Tyler.
    I've a feeling its time for NXT tag team revolution. With Gable/Jordan, Dash/Dawson, Enzo/Big Cass, Rhyno/Corbin and others, we're on for some real tag team classics!

  • The Architect posted 1 day ago

    The Architect

    Hey buddy. I thought NXT Takeover was awesome, all matches were very good and everyone looked great. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of progress in men's storylines, they focused mostly on the Dusty Rhodes classic and that was it, it's understandable but they could've shaken things up a bit instead, the great action made up for it anyway. Hopefully it will be an annual tournament and a full time team will win it next time. Breeze vs Crews was very good too but I really wanted Tyler to win, he hasn't won a big match in quite a while and it could've been a great way to give him a moment of glory before his call up.

    As for the women, I really enjoyed Asuka's debut and the tease for a match with Emma, I think she'll be the new face of the NXT women's division after Bayley gets called up, she was able to build an aura of mystique around herself from the beginning. Dana Brooke surprised me as well, she improved massively and looked more comfortable than before.

    The Iron (wo)man match was amazing, Sasha and Bayley delivered another great performance and put the main roster divas to shame again, hopefully they will still have more awesome matches on the main roster, the steady approach to the eventual eruption made it even better, although the finish felt weird, it didn't really matter to me.

    It was a great show, the NXT management never screws up when it comes to special events, they make the main roster writers look like idiots.

  • Curb Stomp posted 5 days ago

    Curb Stomp

    Hi Man. Whats your thoughts on Respect?

  • The Architect posted 5 days ago

    The Architect

    Hey Aussie, What did you think of NXT Takeover?

  • Patrick B posted 5 days ago

    Patrick B

    Hopefully we witnessed the beginning of a new era, and not the end of the last one. Incredible match, fantastic show all round.

  • Down Under posted 5 days ago

    Down Under

    hey mate what did you think of takeover? i was very impressed with Asuka's debut she is incredible. I am very much still on the Gable band wagon! i hope these two are future champs! i thought all members of that tag match came out looking great! and of course the main event was amazing as expected! just proved any last doubters that they can do anything the men can!

  • Doctor Cube posted 6 days ago

    Doctor Cube

    Yeah man, that really was a sad news. I can only imagine what the people down there are going through. Two years ago, there were floods in my hometown, the Seine was rising pretty fast and there was a full week of heavy rain coming, and entire villages were flooded. My parents were safe, but I had to help some of my friends move out of their houses for the week. A friends' parents got their house almost ruined, it was a very scary couple of nights for everybody. The thing is, we were warned by the authorities so we were prepared, but in the south, the authorities didn't see it coming and people couldn't anticipate to protect themselves, and the meteorology agency is under fire here, rightfully.

    Between this, Charlie Hebdo and the Germanwings plane, it's been a tough year for my country.

  • Patrick B posted 6 days ago

    Patrick B

    One other thing, began reading these write-ups on Uproxx, I'd recommend them as Raw/Smackdown reviews that are well written are hard to come by. Always entertaining and go in-depth, can be slightly smarky, but the Rusev/Summer analysis is always on-point. Here's the latest

  • Patrick B posted 6 days ago

    Patrick B

    Also was going to ask, who are your top 5 favourite wrestlers of all time?