I love the WWE. Been a fan since I was a young lad in the mid 80's. Each week in Australia I watch all five WWE produced programs. That's 8 hours of WWE action each week. I look forward to it too. I also spend a lot of time on this website discussing the WWE and it's superstars with all of you fine folk. The WWE is my escape from working my cattle station in rural Queensland. To me, that's a lot to be thankful for. The WWE is a massive global company which is always trying to expand it horizons. The company has continued to evolve and move with modern times. Do they always succeed in such goals? No. Do they always do the right thing by their employees or fans? No. Have they produced some of the most incredible and memorable moments in wrestling? Absolutely Yes! Part of the fun for me is chatting with you guys about opinions and discussing things we think they could do better. I personally like to keep things pretty positive. Every fan who is on this website posting comments is obviously passionate about the WWE in some way. We all have our own opinions because we care about the product. We care about it's history. We care about it's future. Trying to imagine my life without the WWE is just plain awful. I'd miss that weekly entertainment, excitement and the buzz I get waiting for next week's action. Long live the WWE!

My current favourite wrestlers include:
Alberto Del Rio
Triple H
Daniel Bryan
Bray Wyatt
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins
Dolph Ziggler
Damien Sandow
Enzo Amore
Wade Barrett
Bo Dallas

Also happy to chat about cricket, golf, AFL and Australian horse racing.

Cheers mate.

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  • FWP Jr. posted 11 hours ago

    FWP Jr.

    Jeff Chase fixed it. I'm so happy. : )

  • FWP Jr. posted 11 hours ago

    FWP Jr.

    Thank you. I have my 1,000 comments back.

  • Preacher On Bleacher posted 1 day ago

    Preacher On Bleacher

    So you liked this summerslam more than last year's, right? I don't know why, I just love last year's summerslam. Even though this was great too.

  • Olli Seppala posted 1 day ago

    Olli Seppala

    Summerslam review up in blog!

  • Preacher On Bleacher posted 2 days ago

    Preacher On Bleacher

    What do you have to say about the Lesnar-Cena match?

  • The Gap posted 4 days ago

    The Gap

    So have you bought the network yet?

    I'm still a bit worried about streaming. Aside from live programming I haven't really been able to stream anything.

  • Preacher On Bleacher posted 11 days ago

    Preacher On Bleacher

    Absolutely, a shocker for me too. So much so that I took time out to ask you about this knowing how much you liked him. I really liked his in ring work too and the way he would wink and kiss at his opponents, that had me rolling in laughter many times. I will surely miss him. I hope at the next raw the whole crowd goes SI SI SI SI SI.

  • FWP Junior. posted 11 days ago

    FWP Junior.

    Yeah, it was definitely a shocker. I still can't believe it. I know he was one of your favorites and I'm sorry for your loss. : (

  • Olli Seppala posted 11 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    New review.

  • Preacher On Bleacher posted 11 days ago

    Preacher On Bleacher

    Hey, such a shocker , ADR fired. What are your views on it? Everyone knows here he was one of your favorites.