Toby Nichols

Toby Nichols


I am married to a Bama Belle. I proposed to her at Denny Chimes during her senior year at Bama. I was not fortunate enough to go there. I went the military (Marines) route instead. Our favorite activity is to tailgate at most of the Bama games. I believe our passion for Bama football is unmatched. We try to go to a different SEC opponent's stadium once a year. We hope to see all twelve venues before it is all said and done. ROLL TIDE!

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  • Kevin McGrady posted 2762 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Toby a little more explanation if I may. The state of Alabama has more subscriptions to Rivals, Scout and ESPN Insider than any other state. These are sites that grade players from a few videos they watch. Less than two percent of the players rated are ever actually watched live. Any fan can get most of the video for the players by simply searching them on internet. They all post them there to help get attention for recruitment.
    It is a fact that players being recruited by Alabama, Texas, Auburn, USC and other areas where recruiting service memberships are high, get a better ranking on every one of these sites. If these sites were accurate or were an accurate indicator, six of the currently ranked top ten teams wouldn't have the talent to compete.
    Auburn fans are starting to buy into this hype, and it is not a good thing. I have watched video of all of the players from Auburn's 2009 class and the 2010 class. One class was ranked in the 20s and one class top 5. The overall actual talent level in both classes is remarkably similar. I think the reason Auburn's 2010 class was rated higher was the increase in memberships by Auburn fans on these recruiting sites. I do not see how that would make recruiting better.