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Jim Miesle

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I have been watching Notre Dame football almost religiously for the last ~20 years. I am an avid college football fan (I would watch over the NFL any day), I typically watch a Big 10 game, then ND, then the game on ESPN or ABC depending on who is playing. It annoys my wife to no end, trust me. I'm also a huge Cubbies fan, but I am not sure if they have the pieces in 2009...

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  • DeAnte Mitchell posted 1835 days ago

    DeAnte Mitchell


  • Anthony Pilcher posted 1846 days ago

    Anthony Pilcher

    Thanks for becoming a fan.

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    Let's hope Swarbrick gets this coaching hire right.

  • JW Nix posted 1854 days ago

    JW Nix

    Sad News, Yet Honored Respective :


  • Marc Halsted posted 1872 days ago

    Marc Halsted

    I thought I might fire up some Trojan fans. Thoughts?

  • Dan Scofield posted 1908 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    I've spent the past several weeks adding to a piece dedicated to one of the father's of college football, Knute Rocke. In time for his dedication tomorrow at Notre Dame Stadium, I present to you the true and inspiring story of the most renown coach in the game:

    Don't be shy, and as always, feedback is appreciated.


    R.I.P 3/31/1931

  • Dan Scofield posted 1918 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    Jimmy Clausen has been the best quarterback in the past 240 minutes of college football. Will he be invited to New York this year, or will the Tebow's of the nation get their pre-reserved seats?

    Don't be shy.


  • Anthony Pilcher posted 1931 days ago

    Anthony Pilcher


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  • Jim Miesle posted 1937 days ago

    Jim Miesle

    2 September 2009

    Today is a big day -- just reached my first 1000+ read article. Pretty cool if you ask me...

    Thanks for reading and I will keep them coming


  • Dan Scofield posted 1943 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    The great debate continues, and I share my opinion on it in my latest piece. I'd also like to hear your opinion,so don't be shy!

    The full explanation for why college football is better than the NFL: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/243617-saturdays-vs-sundays-why-college-football-is-better-than-the-nfl

  • Michael Collins posted 1949 days ago

    Michael Collins

    Thanks for the Like and for being a fan, Jim. Great comments that will stimulate discussion on this topic, too.