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  • Paul Conner posted 172 days ago

    Paul Conner

    Life long Canes fan and '93 grad...if contests lean towards probability and all toss ups are lost, it is very plausible we could see a 4-8 season next year. Ugh.

    If they are able to work out anemic offensive kinks (the actual biggest problem in the '13 campaign--not defense) this coming season, they might emerge as an ACC contender for the '15 go round. Not a defeatist, just a realistic view of where the program is at the present moment.

    Sobering predictions for the '14 schedule:

    Sept. 1: at Louisville* - Likely Loss

    Sept. 6: FLORIDA A&M - Likely Win

    Sept. 13: ARKANSAS STATE - Likely Win

    Sept. 20: at Nebraska - Toss Up

    Sept. 27: DUKE* - Toss Up

    Oct. 4: at Georgia Tech* - Toss Up

    Oct. 11: CINCINNATI - Likely Win

    Oct. 18: Open

    Oct. 23: at Virginia Tech* - Likely Loss

    Nov. 1: NORTH CAROLINA* - Likely Loss

    Nov. 8: Open

    Nov. 15: FLORIDA STATE* - Likely Loss

    Nov. 22: at Virginia* - Likely Win

    Nov. 29: PITTSBURGH* - Toss Up

  • Araz Eleyasian posted 189 days ago

    Araz Eleyasian

    No worries, David! :)

  • Mary Hammond posted 282 days ago

    Mary  Hammond

    You're welcome. David!

  • Will Leivenberg posted 299 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, David! How have you enjoyed writing for Bleacher Report? I really enjoyed your Biggest Surprises piece about the Hurricanes and am looking forward to your continued coverage of the Spurs when the NBA season begins. If you ever have any questions about the site or suggestions for ways we can improve it please let me know! Thanks again.

  • Allyson Daniels posted 321 days ago

    Allyson Daniels

    You're welcome, David!

  • Bryan Vale posted 335 days ago

    Bryan Vale

    Thanks David, no problem!

  • Paul Conner posted 335 days ago

    Paul Conner


    Lifelong Cane and '93 Grad....

    A topic that I think could be interesting to discuss would focus on the CFB playoff selection competitiveness AND economic incentives for schools to schedule only top flight teams. For playoff selection, strength of schedule could prove to be a critically weighted factor in light of a 4-team pool (less so in a 64 team format, but still is). Also, from a resourcing perspective, strength of schedule could be one way to increase revenues, especially for a team like UM. It's hard enough to achieve ticket sales when big names come to Joe Robbie Stadium (I refuse to call it anything but that), but near impossible when FAU, FL A&M, or some other cannon fodder come to town. Regardless of recruits, wins, or losses, the absolutely lifeblood of programs in this modern CFB era is going to prove to be funding. One just has to look at Oregon, Arkansas, OSU, Alabama, UT, etc to see those schools are already gearing up to remain competitive through revenue streams as much as actual athletes on the field.

    Just food for thought....

  • Long gone posted 335 days ago

    Long gone

    Oh yeah

  • Jared Johnson posted 336 days ago

    Jared  Johnson

    Yep! We have a special area in our trophy case for him because he's pretty much our only professional athlete ever haha.

  • Long gone posted 336 days ago

    Long gone

    I meant 2010.

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