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Mack Rosenberg


Hey I'm Mack Rosenberg and I'm 17. I live just north of New York City and have been a New York Mets fan all my life. The earliest memory I have of the Mets was when eight years old in 2000 when they made the run to the World Series with Timo, Benny, Piazza, and Al Leiter leading the way. How could I forget Fonzie too. Anyway, two years later I stuck to the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl and have been with them ever since. Year after year, up until today when I am not proud to say they've won five games in the past two seasons. Hopefully this year will be the year that the Rams ownership realizes how stupid they were for giving Marc Bulger a six year deal. Enjoy my writing.

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  • Richard O'Neal posted 3042 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    I'm finally a Featured Columnist now! Please check out my latest article, it's a little different because I did it blog style and another bonus article on fantasy football.

    Please provide your excellent feedback!


  • Tim SteelersFan posted 3050 days ago

    Tim SteelersFan

    Much has been written about the Steelers, the 1970s, and their use of steroids. The current public perception is the Steelers began and glamorized the use of roids in the 70s. Read my article to find out who one man, with 4 NFL teams, spread the use of steroids throughout the NFL, beginning in 1963, and see just how pervasive roid usage was by the time the Steelers began their decade of dominance.

  • Alex Johnson posted 3055 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Team 27 is now available in my 32 teams in 32 days countdown!

  • Richard Marsh posted 3061 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    I thought I'd get my 2 cents in. Your comments will be appreciated.

  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 3063 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Hey Mack, I just wanted to let you know I posted a new article about the current Steelers QB situation. I was hoping to get you to take a look at it. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your support.

  • Craig Brown posted 3063 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Check out my list of teams primed to disappoint in 2009. Thanks for the read!

  • Griffin Cooper posted 3066 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey Mack,

    Decided to start doing weekly MLB Power Rankings. If you get the chance, I'd like it if you took a look. Thanks.


  • Richard Marsh posted 3068 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    A real piece of history to show you why we are where we are today. Enjoy and comment if you choose too, please.

  • Tony Santorsa posted 3068 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    hey check out why tom brady is the best QB in the NFL, youll enjoy it