Ok, sixth or seventh account.. :)

Lost the last one because I called out that Jimmy McMurrey guy for not being a fan of Alabama football because he openly and freely admits to pulling for Auburn in the 2010 Iron Bowl..Some bullshit about "Alabama state pride" with all this "can't we all get along" garbage..What he doesn't get is you NEVER, EVER pull against Alabama in ANY game, much less the fuckin Iron Bowl and then call yourself a fan of Alabama football..

So anyway, he was called out, caught some heat by a number of real Alabama fans, couldn't take it and subsequently he and his sister (that odd looking Jenny chick, the resemblance is quite striking) had mine and some other's accounts deleted..

So, with all that out of the way..My team is Alabama but I'm a fan of college football at large and follow all the major conferences and teams dejour.. :)

Roll Tide ladies and gentlemen.. :)

Oh, and when it comes to talking football, I'm no homer..

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  • Jerry Fresh posted 1972 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    How many accounts can you conjure up?