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  • bertha nakagawa posted 1108 days ago

    bertha  nakagawa

    Given that this is a Notre Dame board, I am sure the "Christians" will be posting hateful comments of my post. But I am here to make a statement to Adam U, who had some loving "Christian" things to say about my post. This is the United States of America, by the way. Not the United Christians of America. My view is just that, "my view" of Notre Dame. But I am sure that there are others who have the same sentiments about Notre Dame, particularly the Notre Dame football team.
    First, and get your cut-and-paste gun ready, Adam U, I stated that Notre Dame has an "easy schedule" due to the fact that they get to play their first six games AT home. Now, how many college teams in the current playoff system get to have this luxury? Name one, Adam U. And if so, who are these teams that get to play their FIRST six games at home?
    Second, of those teams in the playoff system, how many "elite" teams get to play an armed forces team every year? Name one elite team that plays the military every year, Adam U. Keep in mind that military football teams are comprised of heroes that will be serving our country after they graduate. These players, bless their heart, just play for the love of the game. They are not necessarily future NFL players. But they play their hearts out and sometimes even manage to beat a team comprised of blue chip players, namely Notre Dame. Realistically, how many times do you think that Navy will defeat Notre Dame? Get your facts straight, Adam U.
    I'd like to point out something, Adam U, that you did not touch upon. Notre Dame, on top of playing a lot of cupcakes like Rice and Temple do not play in a conference like other elite teams that they DO play on their schedule. Take Alabama, for example, before they can even vie for a national title they have to play in their Iron Bowl and then the SEC championship. In any of these games they can see their championship hopes go down the tubes and not necessarily because they are not good enough. They just simply might have a bad day and there goes their title hopes. Fortunately for Alabama, strength of schedule comes into play. Notre Dame, on the other hand does not have to play in one of these tough conference championships that pit the two best conference teams against each other. Had Notre Dame gone undefeated like they did that other season, all they had to do was play the other championship team. And we know the results of that game in which they played the "other" team which happened to be Alabama. The difference was like night and day. Alabama with its seasoned schedule ripped through Notre Dame like a hot knife through a cupcake rich in butter.
    And why is that Notre Dame does not have to join a conference like other elite teams such as TCU? Is that because Notre Dame is too "special" that they do not have to join a conference? This argument will always follow Notre Dame as long as they continue to snub the rest of the other football teams who have to join a conference. It's like Notre Dame is too good for a conference. And we know that is simply not the case. And it is this kind of elitist attitude that will continue to result in football enthusiasts to continue to label Notre Dame as that team to hate. Just look at the many posts at any board and you will see the hate. That should not be. It would not serve Notre Dame the institution as a Catholic school that is supposed to be the light of the Christian community and the world.
    Third, my point regarding the "un-Christian-like" behavior of some Notre Dame football players and fans still stands. All you have to do is watch a Notre Dame game at their home field and you will see them BOO the visiting team. Now that is loving isn't it? And then there are the tactics that are QUESTIONABLE at best such as the offensive "strategies" that were used in the Florida State game. These plays are illegal and even Lou Holtz agreed were against the rules. But yet the Notre Dame fans continue to bolster their belief that the call was wrong. I am sure you, Adam U, watched that game as have I. And I am sure you saw that infraction. But then, I am sure you, in your mind still believe that that was the wrong call. I, along with many ESPN analysts, KNOW that was the correct call. It is not even a grey area. It is a fact.
    Fourth, in regards to the academic cheating, I still stand by that point. Golson and other players were caught cheating. And, yes, Notre Dame suspended them. You tried to make light of it by claiming that they were suspended while they were being investigated. You failed to bring up the fact that they were found to have conducted themselves in an inappropriate manner. Adam U, you can candy-coat the fact by hiding that Golson was caught cheating but the fact is, these were not just allegations. They were substantiated. That is why Golson was suspended for an entire season. Still, my point is, the fact that Notre Dame rewarded him by putting him back on the roster tells a lot about Notre Dames attitude regarding academics. They are not very high. But most importantly, Notre Dame does not put enough priority to their most important standard, being a Catholic university. A player like Golson should have been removed from the football team to tell other players that such conduct is not accepted by such a Christian university. Then there were other players found to be cheating academically. And that is not too surprising given the lax attitude of the school.
    I would also like to point out that a Notre Dame player was caught tackling an opposing player in a dirty way. That was leading with the helmet. And that kind of play by a Christian football player is unacceptable. That player should have been ejected by the coach, Brian Kelly. There is no place for dirty players in a Catholic school's football team. Whether you like it or not, Adam U, the team's conduct is seen by many including non-Christians who will use it talk against Christians and their hypocrisy.
    Fifth, how many teams in the playoff system have a whole media network all to themselves complete with all the promotions and publicity that a team could ever want? Name one, Adam U. You did not answer that question. Instead, you evade it by saying that all these alumni have so much say and what not. No, not any team in the nation has a network like NBC. I now call NBC the Notre Dame Broadcast Channel. This amounts to a very BIG and unfair advantage that other schools can only wish they had. It is appalling that even the NCAA is afraid to touch this issue. Why? Because NBC is very powerful and no one is able to do anything about it. Adam U, your point disregards this as just another "fact-of-life" thing that is just the way it is. Well, it still should not be. It is an unfair advantage because it amounts to more money for the school and more exposure which means more recruiting advantage. It is really unfair for all the other competing schools. If another school were to all of a sudden get this kind of special treatment, there would be outcry by the other schools. But no, Notre Dame doesn't have to play by the same rules or play on a level ground. Why? Because Notre Dame is "special". And people wonder why Notre Dame is a much football team. Again, that should not be.
    The bottom line is Notre Dame the institution does not care about their appearance to the world. The money is more important to them than their reputation as a football program that is not necessarily about putting out the Christian values. It is about generating revenues and that is the bottom line. In that sense, they have sold their souls to the devil.

  • bertha nakagawa posted 1108 days ago

    bertha  nakagawa

    Adam U, keep telling these things to yourself. These are my truths from my observations. And I am sure that I am not the only one to feel this way. Just look at the posts from other than you fellow Notre Dame fanboys. It is easy to pull out quotes from others' post and dismantle them. I can do that myself. Politicians are great at it. So, yes, you have your points and I have mine. But I don't think your points are agreed on by the majority of people that are not Notre Dame fanboys. So, just keep repeating all the excuses to yourself. That won't matter because at the end of the day, cupcake playing teams like Notre Dame will not get into the current playoff system due to strength of schedule. Aloha!

  • Adam U posted 1109 days ago

    Adam U

    "Your comment is exactly why many hate Notre Dame. It is the arrogant attitude. An arrogant attitude ironically from a fan of a Catholic school but apparently not a Catholic him or herself. Just look at a game at South Bend and you will see the ND fans booing the visiting team. Remember, this is a Catholic school. There is such hypocrisy in this school and their fans that I don't think that they reflect Jesus' teachings. He taught us humility, not arrogance. Just look to the coach and his players and you will see what I mean. A congregant at the ND church even wishes that his Fighting Irish would lose just so that he would not have to put up with the arrogance at church on Sunday.
    Each year Notre Dame garners a lot of votes for the Top 25 just because of their rich history from days gone by. This mystique is what garners them much votes and undeserved accolades. And when they fail to live up to it, they chalk it up to some lame excuse such as injuries like other teams do not deal with that.
    ND has been in some scandals that would make a true Catholic wince. There are the cheating scandals where players, even their most vaunted, Golson, was caught. So what did they do? They suspended him for a semester and then they put him back at the helm as if nothing happened. Why? Because ND has sold itself to the devil for fame and glory. He should not have been given back his privilege to be the signal caller but they did. It just rewards him for his wrongdoing. Then other players were caught with academic cheating also and what did they get? A simple suspension and all the sins were quickly forgotten.
    The school itself has conducted itself in an un-Christianlike manner when they yanked Brian Kelly out of Cincinnati right before their big bowl game. Never mind that Brian Kelly had an obligation to fulfill for that school. Their lame excuse was that they needed to do recruiting. Never mind that it would possibly destroy Cincinnati's bowl game, which it did, by the way. And for Brian Kelly to ditch his school in such an inopportune time it was downright wrong. He had an obligation to each and every player that he brought into the team. They were totally let down by this man. Chip Kelly, the then-coach of the Oregon Ducks had to say something about Brian Kelly's actions. And he was not happy with his decision to just drop the team. Chip Kelly stated that he would not leave his team for any interviews or change until his obligations to the team were met. Until then he would not even look at offers. Now, that is a man of integrity. Not the man that ND picked. But then, ND has no morals either in doing what they did.
    Then there is the Manti Teo scandal which I am sure ND has separated itself from as much as possible as they hired a PR firm to clean up the mess. Today, no mention is made of the man that used a publicity stunt and lies to try and win the Heismann trophy. It did not win him the trophy but it did get him some negative attention that cost him some draft points. But that is in the past and now he is trying to win fans as a Chargers player. Ironically, the "fake" woman resides in this city he now calls his NFL home. That would be Lennay Kekua. Manti's fake girlfriend cooked up by a man enamored by him and played along to garner votes.
    Then there are the many questionable referee calls at games in South Bend which would make any visiting team irate and furious. Just look to past games where calls are inexplicably botched that favor ND and often at the cost of a win for the visiting teams. See the Stanford and Michigan State games of the past where ND got the "win". Sometimes I wonder if the referees are in cahoots with the criminal underground who are betting on ND. These botched calls are so bad that one wonders if they are intentionally driven. Of course, Brian Kelly will argue against calls against his team but will smugly accept the botched calls that are obviously wrong. Just look to the Florida State game and you will see what I mean. And that leads me to the next point.
    At Florida State, Brian Kelly blamed the referee for their loss. But in fact, the call was correct. It is illegal for the offense to hold defenders regardless of how far they are from the ball carrier or receiver. Normally, this act is done in a disguised manner so as not to garner attention from the referees. In this case, the player acts as though he is being interfered when in fact he is throwing himself at the defender to obstruct his path. And the referees would not have called that one due to that tactic. In fact, a prior play where ND committed the foul the referees did not call it. The FSU coach had to bring attention to it in order for them to actually make that call. Again, it seems referees have a hands-off attitude toward ND as if they are untouchables. And to this day, Brian Kelly believes that that should not have been called. By the way, Lou Holtz, the forever supporter of ND agreed with the call himself. Only Brian Kelly and the ND fans disagrees with the call and that is to be expected given their attitude of arrogance and "I'm Elite" attitude.
    Continuing on ND's attitude that they are above everyone, they even have their own conference all to themselves where they can cherry pick their schedules. They even had a six game home streak all to themselves. How many teams get to play all of their fist six games at home? And they choose to play the teams at certain times that work for THEM. They play the cupcakes such as Rice and Temple and have their yearly game against a military team such as Navy. These military teams are made up of cadets that are not going to the NFL. They are being used as punching bags by ND and we all know that. Forget the tradition part. The only time the military team was honored was when ND played Arizona State in Arizona. That was when the military service was given their proper respect.
    While other teams such as Alabama have to play for a conference championship in order to get to the national title, teams like ND just have to play cupcakes and some big name teams. But notice that they tried to do away with Michigan from their schedule when they were being beaten by them. Today, Michigan is not the same team but who is ND's next effort to remove from their schedule? Louisville? Arizona State?
    Then there is the big network push that Notre Dame receives in the form of NBC which others have mentioned. ND gets so much special privilege and this one is the biggest. How many teams have their own network to showcase them every year? The NCAA looks away from this as even they cannot touch the untouchables. Such support amounts to an unfair advantage for the ND football program. As if their history is not enough they garner major network support. On a side note, NBC was supposed to air the ND-Louisville game on Sunday as an encore. But guess what? They cancelled it because they lost. I'm sure that NBC will call it a mistake on their scheduling or the TV guide scheduling. But had they won I'm sure that that game would have been replayed for all the ND supporters.
    And the list goes on. Just look at the arrogance of the commenters here that attack and attack other posters who bring up facts. I am sure my comment will be attacked by ND supporters. But the truth hurts. Doesn't it? The fact is, ND garners an unfair advantage over all other programs and in order to correct this, the NCAA should take action against such unfair support by the likes of NBC. But big money of course wins on this one. And so the cycle continues as people continue to hate ND. Notre Dame's image is not what ND wants. But yet it means money to them and they have sold their souls to the devil."

    Thought I would quote you here for your personal reference. I would like to point out almost everything said here is very biased and one sided due to you hatred for ND, and therefore has many inaccuracies. I don't have time to write something long winded as of right now, but I wanted to touch on a few points you made here.

    Your interpretation of Catholicism and its application to the football team is incorrect. ND suspended it's player while still INVESTIGATING them, with not conclusion of wrong doing. In comparison, FSU let Jameis play the entire season with a much worse accusation.

    Describing ND as an immoral institution is an exaggeration, especially compared to many other institutions.

    The refs also often go against Notre Dame. For example, in the FSU game, the same ref who called the pass interference missed a dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which would have made it 1st and goal on the 9 instead of 4th and goal on the 18. This arguably altered the outcome of the game. You mysteriously neglected to mention this during your rant.

    Notre Dame arguably had the toughest schedule (it was rated toughest by a few analysts) before the season started. "Cherry picking" the schedule is inaccurate. However, the schedule turned out to be weaker as the season progressed, but that is not ND's fault. And we play Navy every year because they basically saved ND during WWII, so we honor them with a game each year. That is why it is arguably the most respectful rivalry in college football.

    Another note on the schedule: earlier this year ND scheduled a home and home series with Ohio State, so yeah, I guess you could say we are trying to take the tough teams off our schedule.

    The NBC deal is largely because ND alumni literally go all over the country after graduation. It is to serve the alumni network, which the school works hard to please, not to force everyone else to love ND.