Drystan Arasgain

Drystan Arasgain


I'm a Scottish-Canadian and an avid boxer, wine taster and scarf aficionado. I have been a fan of the WWE since 1994, and it really amazed me. Boxing, UFC, Olympic wrestling and such I all enjoy very much, but I feel WWE is more than just entertainment, it's storytelling.

I'm a fan of legends and greats like Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage. I watched WCW whenever I had the chance, and became a fan of certain performers there as well, like Glacier, Ultimo Dragon, Mortis, Jericho, and Scott Hall.

I only started to watch WCW more attentively when Hart moved over, though, in hindsight, it was a period of ups and downs.

Since then I've supported and cheered on a few guys, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Christian, the Undertaker, and more recently, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan.

Nowadays I work hard at my job and still manage to find time for WWE. I watch only a little of TNA, though I do watch a lot of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Great stuff. Goto, Okada and Tenzan are all great wrestlers and talents, personal favourites among so many other great wrestlers.

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  • Richard Warrell posted 1952 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Boom, new article broski: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1339577-brock-lesnar-should-be-appearing-on-raw-much-more-frequently-in-coming-months

  • Richard Warrell posted 1973 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Rather controversially, I probably enjoy learning ABOUT wrestling more than I enjoy watching it. Its a fascinating business and a unique craft.

  • Richard Warrell posted 1974 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    You post some cool, interesting comments on my article man. Good to get that kinda dialogue going. Have a fan :)