Tony Ambrosini

Tony Ambrosini



-6'5", 250 lbs (If I wore a suit that made me four inches taller and carried 100 pounds of beef).

-I run a 4.8 40

-A 225-lb RB can bench press me 46 times.

-A 3-cone drill typically involves ice cream.

I am Operations Manager of the Ambrosini home; I take care of a toddler every day. My analytical and creative outlets have always pulled me in the direction of sports, football in particular. While I watch countless games on television, I also have a great passion for writing informative and entertaining articles about all aspects of college and pro football.

I do not hate your teams. I am just giving honest opinions.

I have been writing for Fantasy Football Mastermind for the last three years, which I enjoy immensely. All of my fantasy football material is exclusively at the Definitive Fantasy Information Service. You can find all of my work here:

I have also launched "Scarlet Fever," a Rutgers football blog, through Phil Steele's web site. You can find my updates here:

I also embarrassingly look exactly like the Man in the Yellow Hat from the Curious George cartoon series. Until I find a decent picture of myself, this is what you will have to deal with for right now.

I always feel like I can make improvements to the different pieces I work on and will always welcome your comments, so leave those any time you see fit.

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    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

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