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  • Randy Lavelle posted 3098 days ago

    Randy Lavelle

    Tell me what you think! Randy

  • Ashraf Hammad posted 3105 days ago

    Ashraf Hammad

    Hey man, just finished an article predicting the 2009 season for the Raiders, would appreciate it if you could stop by and let me know what you think.

  • Ramone Brown posted 3198 days ago

    Ramone  Brown

    hey Ive seen in the past you have promoted that the raiders need a left tackle and should draft one of those cadilliacs 1st round but I disagree and think they are over rated, left tackles not cadillacs even though they are just fancy chevys, but hey let me know what you think

  • Ramone Brown posted 3201 days ago

    Ramone  Brown

    hey do you believe the best way to improve the raiders defense is by improving the offense

  • Brendan Majev posted 3204 days ago

    Brendan Majev

    Hey Erik.

    Didn't feel like sifting through the spam on your latest article, well done by the way. You requested a response so I'll offer one here.

    The Raiders have done enough in FA on their offensive line to justify taking a player who's going to make a difference at a position that isn't LT.

    For the Raiders, we're talking about Crabtree or Raji as the only two guys who make sense when the Raiders pick.

    Personally, I believe that it is more important to keep Jamarcus upright than to give him a big-time receiver: if he doesn't have time to find Crabtree, he won't. He'll eat dirt instead. As you suggest, and I agree, I don't believe that the Raider O-Line is good enough to justify taking a WR to help the offense. Better to get someone who will move the pile on the ground- let's not forget that Andre Smith should have been the top overall prospect in this class. Nick Saban RAVES about him when asked: practice habits, work ethic, weight issues, everything. A LT will help the Raider offense more than Crabtree.

    However, and this is coming back to my Baltimore roots, I truly believe the best defenses are built on stopping the run with the front 7 only because it makes defending the pass so much easier. During the 2000 season (I'm sure you recall getting beaten by that Ravens defense), the Ravens D was so good because we had two huge DTs, Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa, who together were about 700 pounds. Right now the Raiders cannot stop the run. Tommy Kelley hasn't panned out, so they need to address that position. It's true that Ron Brace would provide great value in round 2, however, he is a one-dimensional run stuffer only. Raji can do both. Frankly, I think the Raiders should go Raji-Brace with their first two picks, but this is Al we're talking about, so that won't happen.

    Again, good article, it was a fun read.