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Fan of the NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, TNA, and NCAA(Football and Basketball, Not the organization). I like it when people have their own opinion and are not afraid to show it, as long as they are not forcing it on others. I don't put up with bullying, racism, sexism, or stalking. That shit don't fly here. My main reason for being here is to have fun talking about sports with reasonable people. I'm not here to find a girlfriend, I'm not here to start religious debates, and I'm definitely not here to whine, complain, and cause problems for everyone who meets me. I don't go around looking for trouble, but if you are being a total d-bag to everyone just because you can then don't get all whiny when I tell you to cut it out. I'm cool with anyone dropping by, post anything you want to me(You get extra points if you use the truck), just think about what you are posting before you post it. . You don't need to be a dick to get your point across to me, and if I offended you in anyway, a huge cuss filled rant on my board isn't going to make my crumble to pieces and apologize. If you have a problem with me, let me know and we can settle it. With the negative part aside, I'm always ready to have fun, I can be one of the best people here if you left me. I'll end this long speech with then best damn thing to ever show up on this site, which is my very own meme, the truck.

This might be the best Twitter account out there. If you watch college basketball you'll get it:


Theme for the Reel:

Match of the Week: As you can see, I have chosen to do a match of the week segment on my bio. Each week I will upload a new match and write a small review, as well as give the match a rating out of 10. I'll try to stay away from more recent stuff unless it's something many people may not have seen, or pull out a match that isn't as much spoken about as others, but that is still pretty good. So, without further ado, let's see the match

SPOILER ALERT!: My reviews do contain spoilers, so if want to watch the match before the very small review, then be careful when scrolling, and definitely stay away from the top 3 moments section as well.

Match: 2004 Royal Rumble match

Location: Royal Rumble 2004

Date: January 25, 2004


Review: After weeks of me being too lazy and putting it off, match of the week is back. And with the Royal Rumble match coming up, what better way to get hyped for it then actually watching one? A lot of things to like here. First, Chris Benoit winning it was a great idea. The man could wrestle like no other, Long runs by numbers 1 and 2, A good surprise entrant in Mick Foley, and an entrance by Ernest "The Cat" Miller was unintentionally funny to me at least, were also highlights. A part I really liked though was at then end when everyone was trying to dump out Big Show and just couldn't. It set Show up as the favorite as he dominated everyone else for a while until only Angle, Benoit, and Show were left. After taking down Benoit, Kurt Angle was dominating Big Show with ankle locks until Show did something uncharacteristic for most big guys. He grabbed onto the top rope, rolled over it, and took out Kurt Angle, who without a doubt looked like the winner of the match at that point. It's nice to have a big guy be able to do something like that, when many wrestlers at Show's height aren't athletic enough to do that. Benoit got Show back into the ring by doing a leg drop from the top rope that flipped Show back into the ring, Benoit gets up first and runs at Show, but gets caught in Show's grip. Show goes for a choke slam, but Benoit counters into a cross face. Show got to his feet and sort of a sidewalk slam to break the hold. Big Show picks up Benoit and decides enough is enough. He lifts him into a gorilla press and is about to throw him out. Benoit slips out of it and puts Show in a front headlock. Benoit gets lowered over the top rope and on to the apron, but still has a good grip on Show. He starts pulling down on Show, Show's feet come off the ground, and finally Show falls over the top and to the floor, sending Benoit to Wrestlemainia and which also set up the first installment of match of the week.

Top 3 moments of the night
1. Undertaker's gong hits, which distracts Kane long enough to eliminate him. Kane then beats hell out of Spike Dudley who was entering at the time
2. Big Show uses the top rope to help himself role through Kurt Angle's ankle lock, which propelled Angle over the top and onto the floor.
3. Benoit pulls Show over the top rope with a front face lock to win the rumble

Next time we'll take a look at another match from the Royal Rumble. This next one is a championship match between 2 all time great wrestlers. And if you think I'm talking about Punk vs. Rock, then you are very, very wrong.

Reel Review:
Along with my match of the week, I am now also doing a review of the Reel. So after Ray releases each Reel update, check back here for thoughts and reactions from a guy who's been a part of it since day one.

After a nice intro by Rick and Scrappy, We have our first match of the night, and it is for the IC title

HoW(C) vs. Matt Rogers:
This match could have been better, I felt like my matching writing was horribly and pushed towards using signatures and finishers more then putting on a good match, and the finish seemed rushed as well. I promise I will provide better matches then what I gave out. Anyways, slipping back behind the 4th wall, I had the first shot at bringing gold to TwO. A lot of finishers attempted and hit, but in the end it took a new move, the Accordion Rack, to end the match.
Winner: Matt Rogers(New Champion)

We jump straight into the next match which is for the Tag Team Championships

The Horde(c) vs. TwO
This match was pretty good, I liked how it showed more a a move set for the competitors and took some out of their considered comfort zone ie Shash with the missile dropkick. The ending was pretty nice, the distraction after Fatir was powerbombed over the announce desk was a good idea. Shashvat was distracted long enough for Crow to hit a Rock Bottom on him. Biff ran back into the ring and he and Crow hit the 2D( the Dudleyz finsiher) for the win and second title change of the night.
Winners: TwO (New Champions)

We go straight to the next match up, which is the MITB ladder match. After the entrances the match starts with everyone targeting Olli. Scrappy had great lines, he had me laughing the whole match. Great spots in this match too, like when Olli suplexed Heel off the ladder, when Ben missile dropkicked the ladder knocking Prince off, and Ben's sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder on Heel. There were moments where Ben and Heel seemed to team up on everyone else and then they turn on each other just as quick, I wonder if anything else will come out of that. Prince and SED worked well together until they realized only one could win. Alex Riley just about pulls the case down, until Jeff runs in and pulls his legs out from underneath him. I loved the back and forth between Rick and Scrappy at the end. Jeff sees Ben was at the top of the ladder, and tries to tip over the ladder. Ben hangs on and dangles there for a bit before finally pulling the case down. Great match overall, possibly the best in Reel history.
Winner: Ben Rogers

And now it is time for the main event. Monique Black is shown backstage hyping it up until the ring was cleared of the ladders and bodies.

Main Event: B/R Championship
Y2J(c) vs. Ray
My main thing I liked here was the match flow. Nothing felt rushed or unneeded. I loved how Ray used a John Morrison like moveset. This Jomosexual (The John Morrison fan base) approves of that. Great spots in the match, Y2J's backstabber and Ray's C4 and moonlight drive come to mind. Ray picks up the win after hitting a top rope neckbreaker, and wins his first B/R championship.
Winner: Ray( New Champion)
After the match the rest of TwO come out and all hold up their titles to show they now own ever title on this night.

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    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Me too.

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    Olli Seppala

    Ok, sent it to your email. Hope you enjoy it as much as Ray did XD

  • Donovan Griffin posted 11 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' I've read articles on that site in the past. It's not too bad. IDK if I'll ever comment on it or not. I was hunting down a new site for a while when we lost our boards here. I never found anything though. ''

    Yeah... I'm getting sick of this corrupted site as well. But... I'm still fighting for change tho.

  • Olli Seppala posted 12 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    I'm good. School keeping me busy, but been having fun outside of it.

    Btw I know this is random, but can I inbox/email you a funny story? It is loosely based on wrestling and involves me XD I already told it to Ray.

  • Randy Norton posted 12 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Both look alike.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 12 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    How the heck are ya?

  • Olli Seppala posted 18 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Hey man, sup?

  • Edward Morris posted 21 days ago

    Edward Morris

    just though I'd tell you that i found a new site. Its not like B/R report where you can comment on peoples walls but the writers are a lot better. Not to mention the articles are a lot funner to read. The catch is that you may need a facebook in order to comment. I could be wrong though but i will give you the link in case you're interreasted

    I will still come on here to cheek my board but I will be mostly sticking to the new site. And i will mostly avoid commenting on articles. There are 2 reasons why i'm leaving. 1. Over the last few months i've found that i have to keep instilling new internet browers just to keep on commenting on here because of B/Rs stupid glitchs. And to me its not worth it as i don't really comment on here anymore anyway. 2. There are only a sellect few people on here that i like and they are ether no longer on here anymore or are part time. And this site has been getting a lot of trolls over the past year. And i for some reason am always targeted. Epecally over this past year. I mean the admont of bullshit i've taken alone this year has been crap has ruined by B/R fun.

    So i will keep this account going for now. But once i find a site that is just as good as the old B/R site I'm done on here. I've keeped this account for a while now anyway and i'd like to keep it that way

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 21 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Hey man, how are you?

  • Randy Norton posted 23 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Are you related to Matt Striker ?