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Matt Rogers


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Finally, Matt Rogers has come back.......... to Bleacher Report!!!!!!

After taking close to a year long hiatus from B/R I'm back and I'm better then ever. What a better way to kick off a return than a bio rework? Well, maybe I can name a few things, but this way is totally within the rules and stuff so that's what I'm gonna do. Sorry guys, can't open the gates to dick pic city here. I just got back and getting banned isn't something I really want to do right now. Maybe someday though....

Here's some quick stuff about me. I like baseball, basketball, football and pro wrestling. I have an opinion about almost everything involving those subjects so if you want to talk just drop by and ask me something. I enjoy playing the sports listed above even though I'm not very good at any of them. I've been a member of B/R since August of 2012 which was my sophomore year in high school. Since then I've made a good number of friends here and I've had a lot of fun here. I love rock music and for some reason I now am now obsessed with Snapchat too. I don't know what it is but I can't stop using it now. My favorite TV shows are Arrow, South Park, Family Guy, and Big Bang Theory. I've planned on watching popular shows like The Walking Dead for a while but haven't had the time to start. Probably something to do in the summer. Finally, I can't forget about my biggest accomplishment, which was starting the spamming of keyboard art in the comment section a few years ago with the truck. If you want to use it please do, it adds a little flavor to everything you do online.


My Reel theme:
Tag team theme( with Ben Rogers): SOON TO COME

Member of the D-Crew
4 time fantasy card champion
1 time Intercontinental champion on the Reel(current)
Slammy award winner for talker of the year and promo of the year

Random Thoughts:
Stephen Curry is a man
Brock Lesnar even being slightly unhappy about something is enough to send me running to a room with a lockable door.
I have no idea where my profile picture is from. But it looks pretty damn cool doesn't it?
Mistakes aren't always bad things. They become bad when you don't learn anything from them.
Twitter is hilarious during the playoffs of any sport.
I sometimes wonder what happened to the people who used to hang out here.
You never really know what you have until it's gone. In the rare chance you do, hold onto it forever.
Youtube will always find some way to entertain you
Why doesn't Bad News Barrett give bad news anymore?

***More still to come****

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  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 8 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Dang? They did that? Even I think they might have gone too far on the whole thing. What do u think? Him being fired I agree with, but trying to "erase him from history" is just way too much. As if he's the first racist wrestler to ever say n***er before. No, he's just the first to get it caught on tape or whatever. And this is something that happened 8 years ago. Lol @ u searching for Chris Benoit.

    Yeah, I think it would be good for New Day to get the tag titles back. I like PTP and I'm glad they've finally won the tag titles after like 5 yrs, but New Day is still the best team in WWE right now. I was pretty disappointed that Enzo and Cass didn't win the tag titles. They seem to have been surrounded in the tag title contention for months now but never able to win them. But it'd be cool if they got called up.

    Nah, I never watch ROH lol. It's one of those things like TNA that, if I had the channel, I'd tune in to it once a week, but I never really cared to look up stuff for it online. There's only so much wrestling I can handle. Last summer I was on a wrestling binge w/ DVDs and searching stuff up online (WWE only).

    I consider Rollin's MITB win against Ambrose clean, but that was just 1 damn match out of the 100 others. But yeah, WWE just disappoint a lot (overall) when it comes to utilizing talent.

    Ultima Lucha sounds pretty exciting. I saw a preview for it on TV yesterday. I wanna check it out when it comes. R their PPVs like free? Like just a normal episode on TV? Jw.

    Have u been watching tough enough? I'm just about done with this show. For the past 2 weeks my favorite guys have been eliminated and f**k boys like ZZ get to stick around when they're lazy as hell because the WWE universe for some reason sees something in him enough for him to stick around. BS man.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 1 day ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Hey man, I'll replay to your post tomorrow. Too tired to write a long response right now. Cya!

  • Ashley Jensen posted 1 day ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Would Kevin Dunn go if Vince "retires"? I don't like much of 3 on 3... way too many bodies and not enough fighting.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 4 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Yeah, I've heard awful things about Hogan's ego too, wanting all the attention, never putting people over, etc. I get mad that Cena always gets the win, but Cena has always had my respect for being more than a decent human being. Daaaaaaamn. He got pulled from the video game? I knew they were pulling his merchandise off the site, but damn. They really dogging his ass, and I'm glad. Do u know the full story about this or what? The comment he used racial slurs talked about him being mad that a black guy offered to pay for her daughter's music career. Was she dating a black guy too? Some other site's comments was talking like he was also mad about her being w/ a black guy or something.
    Like you said, at some point, there's a good chance that WWE and Hogan will patch things up, but don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Good point about PTP. 1 of them is great on the mic and just okay in the ring, and then it's the other way around for the other one. Each have different strengths/weaknesses, which helps a team flourish.

    You watch ROH? Personally I'm not a fan of people losing their MITB briefcase in a singles match; it just makes the MITB match itself seem pointless, but I would still be happy for Owens if he did end up getting it.

    I hope you're right about the divas division man.

    Rollins's title run hasn't been as good as I wanted it to be, that's for sure. Like you said, the interferences are overplayed as well. Yeah he gets booed in all so that's good, but it's like I'm you're seeing the same thing over and over again for months, which is not fun TV. If you're gonna make people hate him, have them hate him in other ways too, not just the whole "relying on others to win my battles." But with all that being said, I'm very happy for Seth because it's not every day that your favorite wrestler gets to hold the top title in the company. I literally got out of my seat, superman punched the air, and grunted when he cashed in at wreslemania. That had me on the edge of my seat.

    Yeah. I saw the debut episode of Lucha Underground last year, and didn't watch anymore episodes, but watched a couple of matches because they feature John Morrison/Johnny Mundo. There was 1 episode where there was an iron man match between him and Prince Puma, and it lasted for the hole hr of the show. It was awesome. God I wanted JoMo to win so bad, but he didn't. I'm glad he's a top star there though.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 4 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Wow, so Hogan is a racist prick. Never was a Hogan fan really, except nWo Hogan. But now I've lost respect for him as a human being. I'm glad WWE terminated his contract. I don't take his apology seriously. I just feel like he did it to make himself look better. Whatevs. Good riddance Hogan.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 4 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    No. What about Hogan? Guess I gotta look something up.

    Oh God. Nothing's worse than not having a long comment post. That's why I always copy my comments while i right them.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 4 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I have heard of Kevin Dunn but not sure who he is. Had thought Charlotte would be first to be called up. Then Sasha and finally Becky or Bayley. All 3 at once was too much I think. Especially because it took the focus off of competition for the Diva title. Now they are divided into 3 teams and no one challenger to Nikki.

  • CM Mox posted 4 days ago

    CM Mox

    LOL Paige, I'm afraid I've got some bad news! *rapeface*

  • Ashley Jensen posted 5 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I love Becky Lynch also! Not sure on her hair color though... lol but she will be a great Diva!

  • CM Mox posted 5 days ago

    CM Mox

    LOLz I just found it.. It involves a condom, no? xD