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Finally, Matt Rogers has come back.......... to Bleacher Report!!!!!!

After taking close to a year long hiatus from B/R I'm back and I'm better then ever. What a better way to kick off a return than a bio rework? Well, maybe I can name a few things, but this way is totally within the rules and stuff so that's what I'm gonna do. Sorry guys, can't open the gates to dick pic city here. I just got back and getting banned isn't something I really want to do right now. Maybe someday though....

Here's some quick stuff about me. I like baseball, basketball, football and pro wrestling. I have an opinion about almost everything involving those subjects so if you want to talk just drop by and ask me something. I enjoy playing the sports listed above even though I'm not very good at any of them. I've been a member of B/R since August of 2012 which was my sophomore year in high school. Since then I've made a good number of friends here and I've had a lot of fun here. I love rock music and for some reason I now am now obsessed with Snapchat too. I don't know what it is but I can't stop using it now. My favorite TV shows are Arrow, South Park, Family Guy, and Big Bang Theory. I've planned on watching popular shows like The Walking Dead for a while but haven't had the time to start. Probably something to do in the summer. Finally, I can't forget about my biggest accomplishment, which was starting the spamming of keyboard art in the comment section a few years ago with the truck. If you want to use it please do, it adds a little flavor to everything you do online.


My Reel theme:
Tag team theme( with Ben Rogers): SOON TO COME

Member of the D-Crew
4 time fantasy card champion
1 time Intercontinental champion on the Reel(current)
Slammy award winner for talker of the year and promo of the year

Random Thoughts:
Stephen Curry is a man
Brock Lesnar even being slightly unhappy about something is enough to send me running to a room with a lockable door.
I have no idea where my profile picture is from. But it looks pretty damn cool doesn't it?
Mistakes aren't always bad things. They become bad when you don't learn anything from them.
Twitter is hilarious during the playoffs of any sport.
I sometimes wonder what happened to the people who used to hang out here.
You never really know what you have until it's gone. In the rare chance you do, hold onto it forever.
Youtube will always find some way to entertain you
Why doesn't Bad News Barrett give bad news anymore?

***More still to come****

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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 15 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Let me just ask, do you think I am a B/R legend?

    This is AHF

  • Daniel posted 28 days ago


    So you don't like flopper either huh? Good, because I can't stand floppers like Chris Paul who ruin the integrity of the game. This is why I find myself questioning the NBA sometimes.

    Yeah I guess it is too early, and the Pack have started slow most seasons. But I'm still looking forward to that game, one of our more challenging games this year. Honestly, I wasn't too shocked we got Cobb back. He seems like the type of player who'd rather win than get paid. Either way, I'm glad he and TT came to an agreement on what I think is a very reasonable contract.

    Corners are priority #1 IMO. After that, linebacker and safety depth could be of use. Do you think the Pack should just go all defense in this draft? Because the offense seems set for now at least...

  • Brady is SAWFT posted 28 days ago

    Brady is SAWFT

    Keep up the hard work because you'll get results.

  • I felt bad for him just be cause he was just trying to save the game and he unfortunately messed up. It's all cool though, we won the game so I ain't trippin.

    He made no effort to even deflect the pass. If he would've just put a little effort he could've easily deflected it. That play was simply amazing though. For Russell to roll out like that and throw it across his body all the way across the field amazed me.

    Yeah I think I remember hearing about him now, didn't he have guns too?

    I thought Cobb was going to be stupid and sign with the Raiders. Luckily he didn't and he stuck with the Packers. Nelson, Cobb, and another year to develop Adams....damn.

    Honestly, Lacy is too fat to be Marshawn. Marshawn is a big guy but he's not fat, Lacy just flat out weighs too much. He's nimble and has a nasty spin move for his size but if you watch Marshawn a lot of his yards come from his agility and the use of his feet. Lacy, to me. just kinda seems like the guy that's going to try to run you over and of that doesn't work then he's kinda screwed. That's just what I've seen, I don't watch (or to be honest, care) enough to watch Lacy to pass a full judgement on him.

  • Daniel posted 29 days ago


    Lol why do you hate Marcus Smart man? I don't think he's too bad.

    And yeah I guess I shouldn't read too much into history, but when your team has had the same ownership for almost 60 years and you STILL can't win your conference, then there are serious issues. Not to mention 0-16, ugh >:(

    Anyway, what do you think of Packers-Seahawks at Lambeau next year? I'm taking Pack 31-17 hehe

  • Tebow in the first half - yes
    Manning in the second half -no
    I'd take Brady in the second half over Manning.

    I seriously couldn't believe Bostick dropped it. I needed a serious reality check when he dropped it. I just kept on thinking that this wasn't real life.

    The Clinton Dix thing you said was funny. His name is Hasean, you should know that. Yeah Ha Ha wasn't even really trying on that 2 point conversion.

    No idea who Letroy Guion ( or whatever his name is) is. But if he was passing around the joints during half time I'm cool with that.

    I'm cool with Rodgers doing backflips. He's banging Oliva Munn so he's already winning at life.

    Mike McCarthy is.....fat.

    See what happens when Lynch gets the damn ball? Good stuff happens. I wish you were a Seahawks fan so you could appreciate Lynch. Funesr runner I've ever seen, even funnier that Shaun Alexander.

    I was surprised Cobb stayed. I like Cobb.
    A guess another year to develop from Lacy is good. Some say he's a BeastMode junior and I see it a little bit but he's not as good. Too often he only gets like 1 yard on a rush. Can't be doing that.

  • Daniel posted 30 days ago


    Lol with the Tebow reference hahahaha. Yeah the Eagles have pretty much been shooting themselves in the foot.

    The reason I asked though was because I'm also a Green Bay fan, as well as Detroit and Giants. I just wanted a bigger perspective on the NFL, so I basically did the same as I did with the NBA.

    And that loss was painful, but the Lions don't even have a SB appearance in their history so just be glad for GB's success

  • Matt, please excuse me because my memory is pretty bad but could you please remind me how that NFC Championship game went last season?


  • Daniel posted 31 days ago


    Well I just returned to B/R off of a six month hiatus, and am doing well!

    You're still a Packers fan right?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 31 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Dude, I have that same problem! I still get redirected sometimes when I click on my page. It's freaking annoying. I usually have to click on my profile name in the top right corner a few times to get it to work. I usually keep my profile page tab open whenever I get on my mac though.

    "This place hasn't really been glitch free over the years has it? Lol." Hell no it hasn't XDXDXDXDXD

    Send me a link bro