Blake McIntyre

Blake McIntyre


I am a lifelong baseball and more importantly a Seattle Mariners fan. I grew up in LA, yes as a Mariners fan, and moved to the Northwest when I was in high school. I joined the Army a few years back and hope to one day work in the Mariners organization; yes I realize the difference in the two career fields. I am a husband and father of two. My two year old son looks to be a lefty and can already toss the ball with a heck of a wind-up.

Baseball is my release and my distraction from everything in the world the makes life more difficult than it should be. It's my bonding time with my son and my passion to follow. I love everything about it from the simple and yet complicated aspects of a nine inning contest to the vary economics that drive everything from player salaries to the price of a beer. I am most into following new talent and future stars. Minor League baseball has a different and more pure feel to it and I enjoy watching young talent rise through the various systems. I will also coach for my son when he is old enough, or sons if I have more, and I believe it will be some of the best times.
Please everybody stop talking about steroids and performance enhancing drugs yes just talking about it ruins the game. Whether they took them back then or not it did save the game to some extent because we all know what the public likes whether anyone wants to admit it or not, POWER and the HOME RUN. If we went through a season of sacrifice bunts and 2 hit shutouts then teams would make no money. So let it be and look to the future talent and current stars. Punish those who break the rules and let that be that. Who cares if Sosa, McGuire and Bonds took them they will pay the price later and maybe never make it to the Hall of Fame and always have an “*” by there name. Let’s enjoy what the game has to offer on the field today.

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