Im Brian im 16 from new york. I love almost all sports.... except soccer and nascar. the wwe is a certain passion of mine. I absolutely love mma and I can't get enough. Any promotion. Any day. Obviously the UFC is my favorite. But I love a good fight. Frank Mir is my favorite fighter. being from buffalo i have obviously seen a lot of heartbreak. i hope to make a great contribution to the b/r staff! screw canada.

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  • The Viper posted 1890 days ago

    The Viper


  • eedor femelianeko the ufc killer posted 1943 days ago

    eedor femelianeko the ufc killer

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  • eedor femelianeko the ufc killer posted 1947 days ago

    eedor femelianeko the ufc killer

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  • Lorraine Perla posted 2051 days ago

    Lorraine Perla

    Hi again, i was hospitalized while i was writing that article. In fact, i know how and what to write...i worked as editor before for a university and you know just because of my ill-health, could not write that article properly..In my next article, you will not find insane things, im sure about this..please leave a positive comment on the same article now..
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  • Lorraine Perla posted 2051 days ago

    Lorraine Perla

    hiya...dont be rude next time...i know how and what to write...in fact, was ill-sick while writing that article...was hospitalized, so could not write properly...sorry for that, next time you would see perfect article...My dear, I worked as report writer earlier, i know what to do and what not to...thanks for your corrections, please leave a positive comment in the same article... thanks in advance...

  • Lorraine Perla posted 2052 days ago

    Lorraine Perla

    hello...are you going to delete that comment or not? its upto me to right my own articles...u do not preserve right to scold me or my articles..let me not take this as serious issue...hope u understand me and plz delete the comment over there... thanks in advance..

  • The Sportmeisters posted 2094 days ago

    The Sportmeisters

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  • J posted 2179 days ago


    A slightly different (perhaps even humorous) look at CM Punk’s journey from face to heel…