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Growing up with sports has taught me the thrill of witnessing a once in a lifetime event on the sporting stage is paid for by the hundreds of uneventful, even boring games and matches one must endure. All though nothing compares to front row seats the coverage by current TV gives us a many facetted memory of such events. I've been fortunate to see the Santa Anita Derby from Strub's Cupola, sailed on the Kialoa II, busted my ribs surfing the Wedge, surfed most of So. Cal's & No. Mexico's, Sailed an 8' Sabot to Catalina with a friend who was in his Sabot from NB,. Was at game 4 of the '63 Series when LA swept the Yankees & Koufax struck out 15, Mantle 3 times. Been KO'd by Wilt playing 2 man beach Vollyball. Dropped the net accidently duing a Lew Hoad / Pancho Gonzales match at the Balboa Bay Club. Talked to Muhammed Ali in Harrah's Tahoe in 1970. Hang glided once, crashed. Walked back stage during a Cream Concert., stayed for a full set. Hitch-hiked 400 miles to see Rolling Stones at Altimont. Set the record in 1974 & 1975 at my Carpenter's Local in Reno for fastest to drive in, with a hammer, 12, 16d cc nails, 13 seconds. Saved a girls life in Moorea, Tahiti, drowning on reef in 1995. Watched the Kings win the Stanley Cup in 2012. These are a few of my favorite things. La, La, La. Sorry, got carried away. I'm a average joe, living in a Post Card called "Switzerland of America", watching sports, and writing about them. Rick Saunders, ,

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